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Finally I have got some time to write about my raw food class two weeks ago. I have been busy working on Personal NaturalNaughties Plans, Planning NEW events, Food photo shoot and writing my next e-book. Stay tuned.

Bliss Raw Food Class

I taught Basic Class Two and The Raw Protein class on the Sunday. These are both classes I have taught a few times before. I have spoken about them in previous blogs. Everyone had a great day, lots of recipes, food to try, prizes and games. Thanks to Chi for donating Chi Coconut water for the winners!

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Be calm

It could have been stressful when my helper told me she could not attend and help with my class at 2 am in the morning. I remained calm and said to myself "I can do this". I am very lucky I have good support from family, friends and others I have met in the industry.  I always value the time of my workers and helpers. It is important to let people know you appreciate the time and effort they put in. I always make sure I am able to thank them. Be kind to others and good things will happen. In saying that if I do something for someone else I don't expect anything back and I believe most people should have that attitude. Nothing more negative then a person who does a favour for you then has the you owe me vibe. Do things, when you want to and out of the kindness of your heart. I am not a fan of  playing games


It was great to have good friend/gym buddie Sandra help out and last minute helper Belinda. Belinda has helped out at a class a few months ago. When I saw her on the weekend she was beaming with energy, feeling happy and positive and has lost lots of weight. "Wow Belinda you look great, what have you been doing?" Belinda spoke to the students and I about her health Journey, how she has gone RAW and how much her body loves her for it. When I spoke to Belinda a few months back, she was on more protein and that was obviously not working for her. In saying that it may work for another. I just felt so happy for Belinda. Finding her purpose in life.

*To find a plan that you can maintain for life and works for you, try a Natural Naughties Personal Plan. It is worth a try and everyone will get something positive from the plan as it includes recipes and additional health tips. Nothing to loose (apart from weight ;) )


On the day I was also blessed with Louise (guest speaker) who attended my event in between classes. I was so happy that even though Louise was running 10 or so minutes late, the ladies waited and enjoyed a tea. It is so nice to see students having a great time at my classes and wanting MORE. Louise spoke for a good hour or so. Louise spoke about how important it is to remove the toxins in the body. Many people are unaware of the products on the market and all the toxins they contain. When we use these products or skin they enter into our blood stream. These toxins are often linked to  illness in the body. Hay fever, dry skin, itchy skin.... It is really important that we are aware of what is in products, including the products parents use for children.

For a list of Louise future events and talks please email kayla@naturalnaughties.com

Pura Tea

Zara was at the event also. Zara is a naturopath and runs a herbal tea company called "Pura Tea". I was blown away by her Woman Worth tea. Tastes naturally sweet and was bright pink. Zaras range are all loose leaf and are presented in beautiful boxes. These tea boxes would make the perfect, healthy gift. Often people under estimate the benefits of herbs and spices and are un sure how to consume them. Tea is the perfect way.

To buy Zaras Tea, visit her website www.puratea.com.au

Heavy Weight

Another Supporter! Heavy Weight provided Natural Naughties with a Raw Protein for the Raw Protein Class. Everyone in the Protein class loved the truffles, shakes and balls I made with The Protein Powder. The students took away the balls as the shakes were so filling! It just proves that this product will keep you full for longer. That means it will assist in not over-eating and assist with your weight loss goals. I prefer to use this product as it is all Natural and Raw. It is great for those who are vegan or find it hard to digest other protein powders. Garden of Life Raw Protein provides the body with sprouted protein, live probiotics, and enzymes, easily digested, low carbs, 17 grams of protein a serve. In this class I also spoke about some other great vegan protein options on the market.

Natural Naughties Fans can purchase the Raw Protein from Heavy Weight and get a 10 percent discount. www.heavy-weight.com.au


As I have been playing in the kitchen I will share my last creation.

Chia Seed Berry Pudding

Great healthy breakfast to start the day..


1/2 cup chia seeds soaked for 20 minutes.
1/2 banana
6 strawberries
1/2 cup chi coconut water
1 scoop raw protein powder
2 teaspoons honey or stevia
teaspoon cinnamon


Blend in a high speed blender.

Serves Two

Benefits Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a healthy source of omega 3, known to help balance blood sugar levels, provide you with more energy, rich in anti-oxidants too.

Natural Naughties E-book is loaded with Raw Food Recipes, purchase under the order-tab.

Thank you :)

Natural Naughties Love <3

Kayla Thompson

Raw Food Class at Bliss