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A few weeks back I was lucky enough to present a Natural Naughties talk and demo on the raw foods to twenty six woman at The Muscle Sorority event, hosted by by head coach and good friend Grace Tohl.

Grace and I at the event.

I absolutely love speaking at events as it gives me the opportunity to inspire more people to include more nutrient dense food into lifestyles. I spoke about "Super foods" for health and athlete performance. Two of the super foods mentioned on the day included Maca powder and raw cacao.

Maca Powder- Is known to improve strength and energy.Also can increase libido and can assist with hormone balance.

Raw cacao- Is a great source of antioxidants and minerals. I suggest it to many clients as an energy boost.

On the day I also made a coconut nutrient dense shake. The ladies loved it.

Natural Naughites Nutrient Dense Shake

Quick, healthy and easy.


1 cup coconut water (Raw c)
1 teaspoon goji berries
1 date
12 raw almonds


Blend in high speed blender.

*Raw C coconut water is low in sugar, carbs and calories too.

I had a great day and was inspired by all the speakers. 

Grace presented a very well organized and inspiring event. Grace is a great role model and she "Walks the talk".
Phil Ward from Pumped Up Personal Training spoke about nutrition and even I learned a thing or two ;) .
Taryn from Body Image Movement spoke about her journey and mission to help woman love the "skin they are in". 

 I am s
o lucky to be surrounded by all these positive people.

For motivational tips or sports coaching contact Grace Tohl, add Muscle Sorority on Face Book.
For positive body image encouragement and self development visit, Body Image Movement,
For personal training or body building advice,contact Phil Ward, Pumped Up Personal Training.

 I have enjoyed attending so many workshops that I am hosting my own. I am so excited to inspire you all at my Natural Naughties event, We are going to have so much fun and develop so much. 

Early bird tickers are on sale.

Natural Naughties Inspire you to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Kayla Thompson