A Nutrient-dense Green Energy Drink to kickstart your day:

I love to have morning greens on an empty stomach. Especially over the weekend as I have more time to prepare and drink my shakes.

Having lots of quality raw foods, coconut water and green juice assists to keep you well-hydrated. I notice when I am hydrated and consuming nutrient dense foods I have amazing energy, clarity and moods.

This is the green shake I made this morning. Yes, I drank it all for breakfast. Very full and satisfied now :)

This particular shake is sugar-free and fruit-free. I have been drinking green smoothies for years now and eat very little sugar so I find that this blend tastes great.

If you are  new to "green" smoothies or have a "sweet" tooth I suggest you add a sweet fruit like banana to this shake an decrease the green powders, until taste buds adjust.

I am addicted to green juices and smoothies as they make me feel great.

Key ingredients used:
  • Bulk Powders green powders - I am currently using powders as they are quick and easy. I love the bulk range. I used a mix of alfalfa and barley grass powders I this shake. Greens assist to alkalize the body.
  • Coconut water - I have used Raw C coconut water. It is low in sugar, calories and carbs. It is convenient and easy to use. Of course you can use a fresh coconut. Please note that a fresh coconut will have a higher sugar content. 
* When visiting Raw C, you can use the code "NATURAL1" for a special discount!

  • Stevia - I have used stevia to sweeten it naturally. Stevia is low GI and contains no calories.

To make this shake, I blended one litre coconut water, with 4 servings green powder and a little stevia :) I used a Vitamix to achieve a smooth blend.

You can check out Vitamix and other related products at Rawblend.com

Kayla Thompson