A few weeks back I visited Melbourne for a Photo Shoot. I picked to shoot with Mariya Mova because I viewed her work and was very impressed with the photos.
I am very interactive working with other companies on blogs, cross marketing, and often my recipes feature in many e-books, magazines and other promotional material. Submitting articles and recipes means I also need high quality images, therefore I like to have photo shoots every so often.

It is also good to shoot every so often to see how far you have come mentally and physically. A photo really does tell a thousand words!
Meeting Mariya was great. She has such a positive energy and was a blast to work with. She directed me well, made me feel comfortable, and smiled a lot throughout the shoot. I am blessed to meet so many talented and passionate people.
I was determined to make this shoot as enjoyable as possible and just have fun and enjoy the moments.

My Tips for "presentation" for photo shoots, modeling or events:
  • Tan - A natural tan looks great if you do not want white pasty skin. In another photo shoot I did not get one and regretted it. Ensure you exfoliate a week prior to it. I got my tan the day before. Wear loose clothing after the tan and wash off the next morning. Use a good moisturizer to maintain the tan or make it last longer.
  • Makeup - Hire a professional makeup artist. Have an idea of what type of makeup you want and which suits you. Ensure you have time to spare so you won’t be late for your shoot. I ask the make up artist before booking if they can style my hair too.
  • Clothes - Pick clothing that suits your body and will compliment what you’re promoting. Avoid clothing with labels, words on them if you plan to submit them to magazines ect. New clothing is best, once again in all depends on "theme." Find something you feel confident in.
  • Organization- Being organized will assist you to not feel "stressed" on the day. Write a "check" list to ensure you do not forget ideas. Have "emergency" items in your bag such as spare clothes, hair clips, hollywood tape...
  • Diet- Eating whole foods will assist you to look and feel your best. Before a shoot avoid alcohol, processed foods or anything that makes you feel bloated.
  • Water- Water is great for healthy skin, mood and energy. Drink it throughout the day. If your shooting for a "fitness shoot" or want to appear "dry" then you can use tricks such as "water loading", it all depends on your goals and theme of shoot. If you do depleat a good way to re hydrate after the shoot is with coconut water.
  • Posture- Attention to the small details like posture, facial expression, hand and foot postion can make or break your final shot. Practise posing in a mirror, get inspiration from other model photo shoots, find your best angles, expressions.
  • Have fun- Its "your time to shine", enjoy the shoot and be "present".
  • Celebrate - After the shoot, I celebrated by going out to dinner with a girl friend. We ate a selection of Asian foods. I am not bothered by additional oils, salts, fats etc., as I really am enjoying "balance". I also took a few days off after the shoot to rest my body to avoid fatigue and other issues I have had in the past from over-training.
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Kayla Thompson