On a Budget!

Sure, eating clean foods is important if you care about the health and well-being of your family. There is a myth going around that clean eating has to be "expensive". This is not true. If you set aside time, shop smart, and plan ahead, then you can actually save money. Yes, there may be some foods that are really "cheap", but you can't put a price on health! Besides, who wants to feel sick, tired and flat all the time? It would be wiser to invest more in quality "fuel." As a bonus, you may even be able to travel faster without the risk of "crashing"! ;)

Anyway, today I decided to do a little "budget" shop. The foods I picked may not be all organic or 100 percent unprocessed, but they are still considered healthy, natural and clean according to Natural Naughties. They are convenient foods that make food prep easy and interesting.

Items picked up
  • Bag of carrots ($1.00)Search  for fruit and veg shops that sell quality foods at good prices.
  • Tin of beans ($2.00)Tinned beans will save you time cooking, BUT if you buy dry beans, you will save even more pennies.
  • Tin of tuna ($3.00)Cheaper brands mean you get more for less pennies. I am not a fan of cheaper brands in most cases, but if mixed with correct ingredients any tuna can taste good.
  • Mountain Bread Wraps ($4.00)Not on special, but I find that wraps are handy to have to make meals more filling.
  • Cabbage (80 cents)Addicted to cabbage at the moment.
  • Cucumber ($1.50)Cucumbers are so refreshing and are really good for your skin
  • Yogurt ($4.00)Organic too. Often dairy products that are close to the Use By date will be reduced. You can freeze them to let them last longer.
  • Berries ($1.50): If berries are on sale, I buy them, chop them up and store in the freezer.
  • Eggs ($3.00): Organic eggs are normally suggested, but if on a budget, other eggs will do. Natural Naughties still suggests to try buying organic when possible.
Meals Made Easy

Easy salad
A wonderful light salad that you can make in bulk. Eat alone or in a wrap.

200 grams beans, drained
200 grams corn, drained
200 grams tuna in spring water, drained
4 carrots, shredded
1 cucumber, diced
1 cup shredded cabbage, shredded
olive oil, sea salt and balsamic vinegar.
  1. Mix all together.
  2. You can serve in a piece of mountain bread.
Serves 4
Cost per serve: less than $1.50

Frozen Yogurt
This is a yummy treat in place of ice cream.

1 litre yogurt
1 punnet frozen berries
  1. Process in a high speed blender
Serves 5
Cost per serve: $1.20

Bean and Tuna Slice
Easy bite size snacks.

200 grams beans
100 grams tuna
4 whole eggs
4 carrots
200 grams corn
sea salt
  1. Process in a high speed blender.
  2. Pour into a lined tin.
  3. Bake on low/medium heat until firm.
  4. Allow to cool.
  5. Slice
Serves 6

For bulk buy options, check out Bulk Whole Foods here: http://www.bulkwholefoods.com.au/

For quick and easy clean meals on budget, check out my new e-book here: http://www.naturalnaughties.com/blog/healthy-breakfast-e-book

Kayla Thompson