Healthy Parents
I have recently been blessed with baby sitting my two adorable cousins. Even though I am not a parent yet, it allowed me the opportunity to have a very brief snap shot of parenting, and the struggles that you must go through with trying to feed your little ones a nutritious and healthy meal. 

I get many parents approaching me who want to learn more about eating whole foods during pregnancy or throughout their time breast feeding. I did a little searching around and found a wonderful product by "Little Healthy Life".

The product is a protein shake free from artificial sweeteners and additives, it contains all natural ingredients and is safe to drink whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

Below is the ingredient list, which I have talked about previously within my 'Healthy Parent's' event, which was hosted at Rainbow Tree. These ingredients were endorsed by the nutrition professional that assisted me at the event.

*Pea Protein Isolate
*Rice Protein Isolate
*Sunflower Seeds
*Pumpkin Seeds
*Chia seeds
*Natural Vanilla Flavour

Woman's nutritional needs increase during pregnancy and lactation, as you are not only supporting your own needs, but the needs of another little one. Little Healthy Life Pregnancy and Breastfeeding High Nutrition Protein Powder is a nutritionally balanced supplement, carefully formulated in association with nutrition professionals, to help mothers meet their dietary needs during this very special time. It also tastes great, which is always a blessing in disguise if you are suffering from horrible morning sickness.

This protein powder is the perfect snack when used in conjunction with a balanced diet, Little Healthy Life Pregnancy and Breastfeeding High Nutrition Protein Powder will give you much needed additional energy to assist with maintaining a healthy weight.

(Please note that appropriate weight gain during pregnancy is natural, expected and healthy)

The benefits of the Little Healthy Life Protein shake, are:

*Includes B vitamins
*Folate and Omega 3- Proven to reducing neural tube defects and the healthy development of baby in-utero.
*No artificial ingredients
*No added sugar

I personally love this protein powder! Who said you need to be pregnant or breast feeding to enjoy it.

Here are some healthy recipes you can whip together using the powder, even in the darkest of mornings when you have had no sleep from pregnancy insomnia or baby feeding.

Protein Shake


1 scoop Healthy Life Protein Powder
1 cup Raw C Coconut Water
1/4 banana


Blend in a high speed blender.

Protein Balls


3 scoops Healthy Life Protein Powder
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 teaspoon raw cacao
5 medjool dates, remove pips


Process in food processor until mixture comes together,
Form into balls and put either in the fridge or freezer.


If to dry to form into balls add some more peanut butter or dates.

Toss in coconut flakes if you like- just like rum balls, but baby safe :)

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