I often get compliments at the gym in regards to my legs. From both females and males. Yesterday at the gym two girls asked me how long it took me to get my legs so strong, as they saw how much weight I was pressing on the leg press. Honestly I will be the first to admit that I have strong legs. They build up easily and I enjoy training them. My results come from a combination of food, training and mindset.
How heavy I lift or how much I train will depend on a few things. I have trained very heavy for longer periods of time while on a restricted meal plan. I was able to lift a lot of weight, especially considering I got down to 53 kilos at 170 cm tall. My fuel was mostly from "adrenal" and a lot of mind work. 
This year I took on a different approach to training: massive increase in calories. I believe the correct amounts of food and macros for training are important. A female athlete should not be on a diet consisting of around 1200 calories a day! I eat to get results. I eat a lot. 
I do cardio. YES I DO. I am not going to sit here pretending I do not. I do it because I enjoy it! I like doing it. I now have an understanding of why I must eat more. You do not need to do cardio to get results BUT I enjoy it and it assists me with my goals.
I mix up my training. Earlier this year I achieved a personal best with squats (80kilos) and lundges (90 kilos). At that stage I was dedicated more time to rest, mediation and recovery. I need to balance things with a past of training and health related anxiety. I have not done that much weight now in a few weeks. If I was to life that much ALL the time I would burn our OR be stuffed for the rest of the day AND I own a business.
I am flattered people compliment my legs. Body building opened a new door for me. I have always been fit and active and despite not being over weight or out of shape I was a little insecure of more shapely legs compared to my friends. Body building helped me to love the skin I am in and feel confident all the time.
I mix my training up all the time. However, here is a sample legs session:
  • Squats: I aim for deep squats, free weights either with dumbbells or bars. If heavy I do around 8 reps. In between sets at gym I will often be doing something high intense as I love to move, either 50 air squats or lunge jumps then straight back to the bar.
  • Front squats: I love front squats. For some unknown reason, I am better at them than back ones. I use a bar or dumbbells for these I like to do them heavy!
  • One leg dead lifts
  • Hammie curl
  • Quad machine
  • Stair walks
  • Step ups
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