Product Review.

Beautiful skin

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Anything we put onto the skin may be obsorbed through the pores. So it is best to use a more natural product to avoid obsorbing in too many toxins.  A product that is not natural may result in many things. Rashes, allergies and skin issues to name a few things.

La Mav Organic Skin Care

La Mav is an accredited Processor of cosmetics and skin care. The products guarantee quality, integrity and travelability of products.

All La Mav products are 100 percent natural derived.

Some benefits of using the La Mav range..

Maintain, enhance and protect skins natural radiance.

The range is scientifically proven anti ageing bio actives that demonstrate results.

  • Help prevent fine lines
  • smooth wrinkles
  • hydrate skin
  • leave skin visibly tight
  • promote elasticity
  • Brighten skin

The Product

The Brand La Mav Organic Skin Care- Sweet Orange Foaming Cleaner.

A balancing facial cleanser for oily/combination skin that removes makeup, perspiration and impurities.

La Mav Benefits- Not tested on animals, Australian owned, Scientifically proven bio actives, recycled packaging.


The products I sampled came in a beautiful box. I had a look at the entire product range and it is all well designed, Would make the perfect gift for friends and family.


After a busy few days, massaging the cleanser on my face was BLISS. It was so relaxing, This would make a great product for a fun girls night in. I love a cleanser that is light and foams up.


The cleanser smells amazing A lovely orange scent. Something about great skin care that makes you feel so spoilt rotten. Every girl should feel that way ;)


I do wear some foundation some days, this cleanser removed it in no time. Also my skin feels alot smoother and softer than usual.

End Results

Soft clear skin. I am happy :)

The verdict

It is a quality product and great value for money. I support La Mav. I am convinced so I will be trying the skin lotion and eye creams next!

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Kayla Thompson