Issue one, March. Junkies Magazine. 

This year I was approached by Junkies Magazine to develop some recipes. I was so excited to be able to share my recipes with such passionate ladies. I created a vision board late last year. I wanted to share my recipes in a magazine. Magic ;)

I send over some recipes that I tried and tested at home. The ladies made them and took some wonderful photos of the creations, that now "feature" in Junkies.

The photos look fantastic. When I saw the "end result", I could not stop smiling. Seeing other people make and enjoy my food makes me feel so happy. Not only does the food taste great, it nourishes the body.

The Recipes I provided are Gluten Free Apple Spice Cake, Peanut Butter Balls and No bake Cashew Fudge cookies.

I am passionate about inspiring others to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Naturally I have fallen in love with Junkies Magazine. The Magazine looks so delicate and beautiful. It really inspires the reader to rethink, reuse, recycle, create, inspire and design.

This particular issues is loaded with great 'reads'.  Health, home, fashion, food, workshops, nature, craft and more. I can't wait to try make some recycled decorative pieces.

Natural Naughies Reuse Jars.

I always have so many jars so I reuse them
*Store almond butter in, so easy to make you own!
*Serve green smoothies in, drinking from glass is better than plastic!
*Use as a super food "shaker", using a jar to mix up the super food ensures no lumps!
*Use as a jar for flowers, be creative!
*Use as a jar for pens, crayons ect.., so easy!

<3 TIP..Add boiling water, raw cacao and stevia to "use" the little tahini, almond butter or coconut oil left in jar.

Shake and drink.. mmm <3

May offer. Subscribe to Junkies for a year and Natural Naughties will send The Raw Lifestyle e-book as a gift.


 Kayla Thompson