I recently interviewed Kasey Willson of My Health, My Happiness. She is a naturopath and nutritionist from Adelaide, who shares Natural Naughties' goals in helping others live a healthy lifestyle. She shared her journey with us, which you can read about below:

A short introduction about you….
I am an Adelaide based Naturopath and Nutritionist, where I have the rewarding job in helping others achieve their health and happiness potential.  I run my own Naturopath Clinic (www.aloehealth.com.au), regularly present corporate Nutrition talks as well as other public health presentations.  In between clinic hours, I run my own health blog and have written e-books ‘Your Journey To Health and Happiness’, ‘Winter Warmers Recipe Book’ and my latest release was ‘21 Day Summer Detox’.

Have you always been healthy and happy? Share your journey, which has landed you in the health industry…

I haven’t always been healthy and it has actually been quite a rocky road to get where I am today. Here is my personal journey…

Growing up on a cattle property on beautiful Kangaroo Island, my childhood was filled with the company of animals, open spaces and fresh air. A whole farm to ride my horses around, a loving family and caring friends…I couldn't have asked for a better upbringing.

Although I remained active through sports, as I grew into my late teens, the lifestyle I led quickly turned into the typical party girl scene. My weekend horse rides were exchanged with ‘all-nighter’ celebrations with friends and were fueled by excessive intake of sugary alcoholic drinks and very poor dietary choices.

I was only young, and I was filling my body with a toxic cocktail of binge drinking, refined carbohydrates, synthetic hormones (from the oral contraceptive pill) and to top it off, sleep deprivation. It was only a matter of time before my body would show me signs of poor health.

In year 11, I started to develop signs of a chronic candida (fungal) condition. Thrush infections were constant; I struggled with ongoing foul moods; energy and concentration levels were poor and I had very unhealthy bowel habits. Unaware at the time, my chronic candida infection was causing me multiple food in-tolerances.  I was also unfit and not an ideal weight.

Many emotional stress (that were predominantly bottled up inside) throughout my late teens and early 20′s contributed to my symptoms. It was a big vicious cycle and I was not on the road to a healthy and happy future.

It wasn't until I began my Naturopathy and Nutrition studies, that I started to realize the damage I was doing to my body. The pieces of my health puzzle came together! I researched the underlying causes of my presenting heath challenges and discovered how important Nutritional medicine was for my healing journey. This important support gave me the power to overcome my health conditions and genuinely feel healthy and happy again.

Tell us about how you contribute to the health and happiness of others?
Using my training, clinic experience and personal understanding, I now have the privilege of helping many others overcome their health challenges and reach their personal health and happiness potential. I want everyone to realize it is never too late to change your health journey!

What do you believe is most important for health & happiness?
  1. Tell yourself you are beautiful every single day!
  2. Take your lunch break and soak up the mid-day sun for at least 15 minutes daily!
  3. At the end of the day, switch off from your work by ending the day with a relaxing meditation!
  4. Fill your plate and glass with organic, whole foods. 
  5. Laugh and smile as much as possible!
  6. Move!
How did you start your day today? 
I always start the day with my favorite drink, lemon juice in warm water to kick start my metabolism, cleanse the liver and kidneys, as well as getting my digestive system ready for the food to follow. I sip this through a glass straw to protect my tooth enamel.

Twice a week, I wake earlier and do a short high intensity workout. I find PACE Express, designed by Dr Al Sears really gets my heart rate up and sweating in a short but sweet workout. Now that it’s warmer weather, I've otherwise been going to an early morning hot yoga session, in place of the home exercise.

I’ll follow my lemon water with a fresh vegetable juice, my favorite mix being the My Health My Happiness Green Start, but I tend to just chuck in whatever vegetables I have in the fridge, with majority being green.

The days where I’m not in a rush to yoga, while enjoying my juice, I’ll take a walk in my backyard, breathe the fresh air and admire my ever growing vegetable patch. I’m proud of these babies  

Do you routinely supplement your diet? 
I follow my brekkie with a mixture of supplements, some being daily and other which vary around every fortnight, depending on the areas of my body I feel need the most support. Being a Naturopath, I understand the importance of regular functional testing to ensure I am at my peak health. Saliva hormone, food intolerance, stool analysis, vitamin D, oxidised cholesterol, homocysteine, B12, haemoglobin A1c, glucose and insulin are among these. Supplements that I take can vary on these results, but daily I take a probiotic, glutathione support (antioxidant and detox support), digestive enzymes and cod liver oil. 

What was your latest inspiring health read?
‘Grain Brain’ by David Pearlmutter was my recent travelling read. It really sums up in a simple way the effects grains and sugar affect our brain function. A must read for anyone who has Dementia or Alzheimer’s in their family. 

Can you please share a favorite recipe?
This is my favorite juice recipe, the My Health My Happiness Green Start Juice. 

3 stalks of celery
1 cucumber
Handful cos lettuce/ spinach/ kale
½ apple or pear
Juice ½ lemon
4 mint leaves
Handful parsley (optional)

Wash, and chop ingredients.
Feed through juicer.
Best to enjoy straight away and on an empty stomach for optimal enzymes and nutrients.

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