I am writing this blog to share with you a dream that I created late last year and I am blessed to have seen it manifest.
One of my "goals" for this year was to have my recipes featured in some well known magazines. I really love sharing clean recipes with others because it makes others happy. Making others happy makes me happy.
Magazines are a great way to advertise and promote services and goods. Being able to "share" my recipes in a gift to the magazine, the client and myself.
As I am a small business (with potential ;)). Because of this, budget for things such as promotions is limited. I did not let that stop me though. Natural Naughties recipes are quality and everyone would love to have the recipes. 
This year I was fortunate enough to be approached by Clean Eating magazine, Junkies magazine, Living Wellness, and Nurture, asking me to be featured in their publications. I also had my recipes featured in Holistic Bliss.

I thought I'd share with you what motivated me to get to this goal and how you can achieve your own goals too!

My tips to achieve your dreams:
  • Create a vision board. I wrote words on mine and stuck photos of the things I wanted. Place the board somewhere you see it daily. I made mine in my diary. I check my diary every day. It reminds me of what I want and keeps me on track.
  • Write down your goals. Write them down as often as you like.  The more often you write it the better. Writing it over and over again will assist you to achieve your goals.
  • Say your goals out loud. Words are very powerful. The way we word things are important. For that reason surround your self with positive words and use positive words around other people. These words are powerful an enter into the subconscious mind. I listen to positive speakers and positive music as well as surround myself with positive sounds in the universe.
  • Go out and get the goal. You need to make efforts. Go to places that will assist you to feel guided. If you want a chocolate ice cream, you would not go to a veggie shop. You would go to a place that sells ice cream. Ensure you work at your goals and take action.
  • Believe! Believe your goals will come true, meditate, pray, sing, dance, do things to raise your vibrations. In western culture we are starting to lack "spirituality". Beliefs make us stronger people who can achieve more. These methods assists to heal the body and relieve stress as well as build confidence. Many people report that low self esteem, no confidence, stressed living, illness or other issues stop then from achieving own goals.
  • I believe that you are very powerful, you have lots of potential and can achieve your goals too!

You can see the list of magazines where Natural Naughties has been featured. Check out our media gallery to find out more!