Spirituality <3 Not just for "hippies" ;)

Combine raw food and meditation together for CLARITY! Clarity so amazing you may feel like you are "not on the planet" (in a good way).. Most people feel "funny" at first as they have been "dead", wake up!! Life is amazing! I have had clients tell me they walked to work barefoot when on a RAW DETOX, your body wants to connect! I hug trees, I appreciate nature and sometimes feel I am floating on a cloud <3 Life is amazing, this is bliss. 

*A photo I took of my leg after meditation, no texta, no photo shop. I asked the universe to show me "magic".. then.. I am not going to over think anything. Enough to make me happy and believe..

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. If this is 'fact" or not is not an issue.. "things" happen regardless and life goes on. I pick to view life in the positive as this is what makes us happy, healthy and beautiful. Only good will come from that. My mind set allows me to stay positive. Change your mind, change the world. Things we can control are important.

Like most people I have faced many obstacles in my life that have made me the person I am today. I pick to believe that I "picked" these obstacles for a reason. To grow, to learn, to remember why I picked the body I live in. I trust I made these choices to have a great life. I wanted it all. I take full responsibility for the choices I have made, make and will make in my life. I do not play the "blame" game. That would be giving my "power" away.

INBA 2010, sports model.

*We have the "power" to make changes, when we believe. We can make the "impossible", "possible", stop blaming people, instead invest that time in learning ways to make change!

Viewing the world this way is "magic". It allows me to enjoy the "present" not fear the future or run from the past. I accept who I am and most importantly love the person I am. Say this out loud ;) .. I am amazing, I make the most of what I have been given and accept we are all unique... 

Nature is very "healing".. spend more time out doors!
*Words are powerful, thoughts are powerful, make them positive. We can create who we become. 

My "third" eye is very "open". I believe I have always had it "open" but was never really aware of it and also picked to "block" it off. Now I use my third eye to view the world in  a "magic way". You can too! It helps me to train harder, appreciate colour, nature and also believe in myself and others.

*Read more about the Third Eye. http://www.janeterickson.com/spiritual-healing-blog/energy-healing/third-eye-chakra/238/

Meditation has been a blessing. I am so glad I hit a "wall", to find this amazing practice that changed my life. It was my last option to "cure" my mental and physical health "problems". To start off with I wanted to be able to relax to cure anxiety and severe "panic" attacks linked to health issues and an un healthy mind. I am lucky my imagination skills are very good and I "believe". I now have taken my meditation to another level and am enjoying the journey.

*Eating foods that are raw and high in nutrients will increase your "clarity". Different colours are also linked to chakra systems.

*Read some of the many benefits of Meditation here. http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/7-health-benefits-of-meditation

A little magic, is what inspires me to believe. Signs, "miracles",people I meet, "luck", more love towards myself, nature and others...

Full class, 30 students attended The Natural Naughties Workshop, spirituality was a popular topic.

Natural Naughties aim to inspire you to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. My workshops are designed so we can "connect", learn, evolve and share stories. I would love to share my experiences with you all at my next workshop.

 Kayla Thompson