Personal development is important to me. I believe we should all take the time to develop, learn, and grow. To feel so connected in so many ways is magic.

Personal Development is often described as a way to improve one's self. If we are all the best versions of our self, imagine how much more we can bring to the world.

That is right! I am passionate to improve my own personal development. There are so many different reasons I am passionate to explore my own body, mind, and spirit.

My own spiritual journey has been an amazing experience so far. Yes, there are times that have been "more challenging" than others. Pushing through and working through obstacles have always been worth it. Anything worth it seems to require some "work".

To enhance my own development and hopefully later help others I have done two courses this year.

"Hypnosis Certification" with Evolve, Mind & Body Coaching

A course to learn, "Out of body experiences"... very different ;)

There was an interesting article I read a few days ago in "Alive" magazine on healing the mind and body with hypnotherapy. It said, "Ancient civilizations often practice hypnosis during religious and ritualistic ceremonies. Today we know that hypnosis is more than a ceremonial with the value of hypnotherapy by scientific study. Facilitated by a clinical hypnotherapist, this unique therapy treats both medical and psychological issues." (Carol Fawett, counselor, clinical hypnotherapist and freelance writer)

The latest "Alive" magazine has an interesting article written by Carol Fawett. It explain the benefits of hypnosis as well as myths and misconceptions of hypnosis ;)

I look forward to repeat the course when Paul re-runs it. I am also going to connect with Paul and pat students frequently to practice and develop my skills so that I can assist people using these methods.

I met a trainer who completed just one day on hypnosis class with Paul and felt that he gained so much. I think he said over 50 percent more clients achieved weight loss or body composition goals than normal when he included hypnosis methods.

I hosted and taught a workshop based on self-love and spirituality. If you missed out and would like to enhance your development, I suggest you check out the Living Lean book in the e-shop.

Kayla Thompson

Master Trainer, Evolve Hypnosis therapist ;)