Icon Eggs range makes life for busy people easy :)

I will be the first to admit that I AM OBSESSED with cooking, especially cooking "clean" meals. I try to make all my food from "scratch". I like everything about food. Smelling it, buying it, tasting it, reading about it and SHARING it with you.

I have been busy in the kitchen creating lots of HIGH PROTEIN recipes due to popular demand from followers who are athletes, train a lot or require these recipe for weight loss or ideal body composition. Training more frquently means more calories are burned, more food is needed for repair and growth. Athletes require "fuel" to train more often. Food can assist with muscle growth as well as recovery.

When I discovered the ICON range I was impressed. I am not often impressed by "pre-packed" or "frozen" meals. However, these eggs make life so much easier. Gone are the days of breaking eggs and tossing the yellows! They taste great too. Soft and fluffy.

I have written blogs in the past on "complete" nutrition from "whole eggs". I am not anti-"yellow". The yellow is loaded with minerals and vitamins, especially organic egg yellow. However, if you need more protein and calories, egg whites may help you to achieve the body composition you require.

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I personally use the Icon Whites most the time as I LOVE to be creative and add my own ingredients to make them yummy. However, I did try some of the other cartons. They taste amazing. I especially love the feta and spinach.

No way are my male body builder friends interested in spending hours - okay, even just one hour - making my recipes. So these are a tasty alternative to a homemade "frittata".

Try this easy meal with healthy carbs, fats and protein.

Icon Complete Meal

1/4 carton Icon Feta and spinach egg whites
1 piece mountain bread
1/4 avocado
1/2 cup baby spinch
1/2 cup shredded carrot

Lightly fry the eggs in a fry pan till cooked.
Serve the egg, avocado and veggies in the mountain bread.

Serves approx 1 person

See? It's so easy!

Visit www.iconfoods.com for more recipes and tips.

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Kayla Thompson