That is correct. Natural Naughties is excited to announce that we now host Hens Night parties with a "naughty" twist.

A hens party is the perfect way to entertain guests. They will walk away with raw food recipes, tastings, and a load of information on the raw foods used and how they can enhance sexual life.

So many raw foods are good for sexual function, especially maca that is known to increase libido. Raw foods taste delicious as well, and with a little entertainment, they can be fun too.

Sneak Peak Recipe

Naughty Libido Enhance shots


One cup coconut water
One teaspoon raw cacao
One teaspoon maca powder
1/4 banana


Blend in a high speed blender and pour into shot glasses.

Games Include
*Pass the cucumber
*Pull a "sexy" face
*Massage a buddy

Treats include
*Libido enhancer shake
*Raw chocolate, naughty
*Naughty balls
*Chocolate body sauce
*Healthy massage oil

Spice it up a little more with:
  • Male topless waiters
  • Raw alcoholic shakes
  • Paint a male body with raw cacao

For details on hens parties contact