Time away <3

I travel a lot for work so I am always on the "go". Meetings, training, shopping, events are all a part of my regime. I still manage to eat "clean" and "fit" in everything that I find important. Ensuring I eat well helps me maintain energy, balance my body and allows me to "give" all I can.

Living a healthy lifestyle never gets in the way of "fun" and being 'social". It does take some time, organization, food prep, commitment and also "confidence". I am not "shy" to pull out a meal. I can inspire people to make changes.. Funny no one stares at some one who is eating a burger, yet pull out a container with chicken in it or a cucumber and people think you are crazy ;)

Sharing my holiday with you :)  Some snap shots from my Melbourne trip this year. 

 I was completing The Natural Naughties 5 day split so I was a well organized :) The split proved to be very effective. I dramatically changed my own body composition by the end of it. Dropped a dress size and abs and muscles more defined. I also felt energetic, happy and fit throughout the "challenge".


Des and I about to get on the Plane. I pre made my meals for the flight.

Travel food ideas. Tinned tuna, dry fruit and nuts, home made protein balls or bars, hard boiled egg, protein shake..

*Ice pack bags keep meals cold and ensure they do not go "off".


I trained at Dorethys Gym to complete my weights training. I loved to be in a new gym. Morning cardio included sprints in the park and stair runs. I also did daily meditation as that is suggested in The Natural Naughties 5 day split. It keeps me positive, motivated and calm.

Stay active on holiday

*Pack gym gear, no excuses!
*Walk as a form of transport, kill two birds with one stone ;)
*Stay at a hotel with a gym or find one near
*Complete a circuit in the park, you got a park, you got a gym!
*If it is a holiday to relax then enjoy ;) When you get home, you got some work to do!

Healthy eating and being social can be done. Des and I enjoyed a lovely meal in Melbourne. 

Holiday eating tips

*Dressings and sauces on the side
*Healthy options are lean proteins, veggies and salads
*Pick healthy places to eat or check the menu first, some places simply just do not provide good quality food.
*Allocate one day a week for a treat meal if you really like "treats", I prefer moderation ;)


I love great quality produce. Amazing fish and salad.

Travel with people who have the same interests. Des and I both lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We had a great time away and both loved traveling together. Had so many great laughs. Me "vanishing" off for my meditation and Des catching me trying to feel her "energy". During this trip I felt very "connected" and "developed" due to lots of practice... Des told me she felt my "telepathic" skills were very tuned ;)

Places we visited
*Fit x, fitness expo
*Markets for fresh produce to prep meals
*Parks. Walking around some amazing parks to admire nature and enjoy the fresh air.

I was a little sneaky and did manage to find a computer to do some "work". A part from that was amazing to go away for a non work related holiday.

Natural Naughties Travel Snack


4 scoops natural protein powder
4 tablespoons peanut butter
4 tablespoons melted cacao butter
4 teaspoons raw cacao
8 medjool dates
4 tablespoons oats

Process together in a high speed blender of food processor.

Flatten "mix" into a lined tin.

Freeze, slice and store in foil.

*I suggest using cacao butter in place of coconut oil as it is firmer. 

Kayla Thompson