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Last weekend on Saturday a lovely Speaker Clarissa Hughes from Lean and Curvy was in Adelaide for one of her popular seminars,'loose your fat not your marbles. This was a great event for women who care about health and wanting results! Clarissa has so much knowledge on nutrition and leads a healthy lifestyle so i was confident that her workshop would inspire and help many woman! For this reason i was more then happy to support the event and provide some Natural Naughties nibbles for the guests!

I was lucky to sneak in early to the event and hear the lovely Clarissa speak and inspire woman! Clarissa spoke about her own personal journey to achieve her great results, she even ended up entering and placing in a bodybuilding competition. Clarissa mentioned some great points and tips for women that i agree with and also promote, i will provide some tips below for woman looking to tone and decrease body fat.

*Eat breakfast as it really is an important meal as it speeds the metabolism. Eating a healthy meal first thing means you are more likely to do so for the rest of the day.
*Eat small meals often throughout the day, eating smaller meals will balance blood sugar levels, keep you full and provide energy. Skipping meals leads to over eating later in the day and feeling "sluggish"
*Eat healthy whole foods, no processed food, small serves of protein and plenty of fresh fruit and veggies
*Drink plenty of water to speed the metabolism and keep you hydrated
*Include plenty of raw nutrients such as raw salads or green smoothies
*Train and be active, do not be afraid of lifting weights, the more muscle we have the more fat we burn.

For more tips to reach your personal goals and achieve better health please email for a personal meal plan. A question sheet will need to be completed in order to design a personal plan for each individual client.

During the break the lovely ladies tried some yummy Natural Naughties Bliss Balls and a Cashew Tumeric Raw Cheese dip with homemade Carrot Flax Crackers and carrot sticks!

The crackers are all natural and made from wholefoods. They are dehydrated, this process is to avoid killing the enzymes in the food. Most crackers in shops are loaded with artificials and are processed. These crackers are made from carrots, seeds, nuts and real herbs and spices! The ladies loved them and they really went well with the cashew cheese.

The Cashew Cheese is a natural dip that is free from artificials and preservatives. Most store bought dips contain harmful ingredients so that they have longer shelf life. This dip was so quick and simple to make. It will keep in the fridge for several days and can be frozen! Was very popular on the day!

This Cashew Cheese Dip is in my Natural Naughties e-book and i teach this recipe in Basic Class One.

Everyone loves chocolate! I was excited to make some Cacao Bliss Balls for this event, i knew it was a long day for the girls so raw cacao in the superfood balls will always be a great "pick me up" treat. These bliss balls are so cute and make the perfect healthy treat too! Unlike most treats these balls are made of natural healthy foods that are beneficial to health!

Basic Bliss ball

A quick and easy, healthy treat recipe!


1 cup walnuts
1/2 cup medjool dates (pipped)
1/4 cup coconut flakes
2 tablespoons goji berries
3 tablespoons cacao powder
1 tablespoon coconut oil


Blend all ingredients in a high speed food processor. When all ingredients come together to form a ball, roll into small balls. Roll balls into flaked coconut or cacao powder and set in fridge till firm.

This recipe also makes a great base for a raw cake. Cheese cake and avocado cake recipes in my e-book, purchase under the order tab.

I look forward to share more food ideas with all my fans again soon. To book into a class or attend any of my events please check my events tab.

My next class is this month on the 18th March, 10am at Bliss, Basic class one, This class is so popular with so many positive reviews.

"Kayla's raw classes are well presented and I have learned some quick and simple raw food techniques, I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for optimal health and well being" Beth Jammison, Beauty therapy, Adelaide

"Kayla's style and passion for raw food can only be matched by her knowledge on the subject. I learned so much and will be enrolling in future events" Pierre Andre Goosedn, Photographer, Adelaide

"Kayla's class was fun and informative and inspired me to learn more about the raw food lifestyle." - KD, WriterNatural Naughties Love <3

Kayla Thompson