In my Basic Raw Class last week I had a student ask me for tips on what to eat when eating out! I have always loved eating healthy foods and have managed to find ways to enjoy good nutrient dense food in all situations everywhere i go! I will provide some healthy eating tips in this blog post. ENJOY <3


Eating at a restaurant, cafe, bar act...I like to go out with my friends and family, being social is fun and makes me happy! We need to be happy to avoid stress and enjoy life! When eating out the quality is not always going to be the best, maybe it is not organic, free range ect. You can still choose a better option. Instead or having fried fish and chips or pizza order grilled fish and steamed veggies. Steak with salad or a vegetarian option. I often ask for the dressing on the side or if they can use no oil to cook my food in, most of the time they are more than happy to do so.
Allocate one night a week where you go out and enjoy a meal. This can be your "naughty meal". Make sure you do not have too many "naughty meals". I prefer not to have many naughty meals as if i feel like something unhealthy i recreate it the NATURAL NAUGHTIES way. For example if i feel like pasta i make my raw pasta from zucchini or eggplants! The sauce i make brings it all together! This recipe is in my Natural Naughties Plan.
Choose a healthy place. We have some great cafes and restaurants that have healthy options on the menu. Examples of these places are Bliss organic cafe, Wild Thyme and the Organic Market in Stirling. Your guests will love the food! It is always nice to introduce others to a new place!
Host your own dinner party, I often invite guests over and cook clean food, they always love the meal and it is a nice way to introduce new food ideas. You could also cook together! You will even save some money on food and transport!
Pot luck! A fun event! Invite guests over and ask each person to bring a raw or healthy dish along. It would be fun for each person to talk about the dish. I have been to raw pot lucks, they are great!

A friend’s house Bring a healthy platter, this way healthy food will be available and the people will love you for it. I often bring fruit platter, homemade dips, veggie crackers, veggies and Natural Naughties treats. (The recipes are in my plan!) Also a great conversation starter to talk about raw foods! Have a positive influence on others!

***Most my family and friends respect that i eat well and often serve me fruit and other healthy foods! On the goOften we are so busy we find we have no time to prepare meals and have no healthy options. Pre make meals in advance and have them in containers stored in freezer, this way when you’re busy just grab and go. Perfect on the go snacks include eggs, veggies sticks, fruit, dips, homemade soup, tuna, Natural Naughties raw protein, bliss balls, nuts.
Birthday cake and special eventsMy journey to raw food started in 2007 when I decided I wanted to make a healthy cake for my birthday I normally just watched my family eat my cake while I enjoyed a fruit salad I had no problems with this however I thought it would be nice to make my own cake! I searched the net and came across a raw avocado cake. I made it for my birthday and everyone loved it, people do not normally eat all the cake. My guests polished it off! I loved that it was all natural and nutrient dense. From then on I decided to explore the raw foods more. I attended cooking classes, raw food talks and workshops. I even was lucky enough to assist with raw food classes and meet David wolf (well know raw foodie, author and chef).

*I have an avocado recipe in my plan!!

Make yummy natural naughties treats for events! Your guests will love them! Provide them with nutrition information and inspire other.My plan provides recipes for raw food dips, treats and more!
My healthy eats in SydneyI have just come back from my trip in Sydney! For most people a vacation means eating a lot of "crap food" and feeling terrible when they come back! In Sydney I had a great time relaxing, training and enjoying good food! Most places I would order fish and salad! The fish was so fresh and divine, why spoil it with a sugar loaded dressing??? I also enjoyed wheatgrass shots and fruit juices on the go! I purchased fresh fruit and raw veggies as snacks for the room, the hotel even provided apples! We found some bliss balls in Sydney as a treat! I found a beautiful restaurant that sold organic food and was a venue for RAW CLASSES, was fantastic to meet so many like-minded people! I did not eat the plane food I purchased tuna salad and fruit to snack on in the plane.NAUGHTY!! The end of my trip treated myself to a gelato! I really love gelati and I only have it every few months! Life is short, don’t stress so much! Aim to eat well 90 percent of the time! I aim to teach my clients BALANCE!

A recipe from my Natural Naughties plan

Bliss balls

These bliss balls are easy to make and make a great snack on the go, perfect to bring to friends or for special events!

1 cup dates
2 cups walnuts
4 tablespoons cacao powder
2 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)
Blend all ingredients in food processor till well combined. Roll into individual balls. Toss in coconut flakes to serve.
Add super foods such as lucuma and maca to your bliss balls.
Add goji berries and chopped nuts!
For a protein ball add in some natural protein powder

Natural Naughties Love <3