Easy Recipe

If there is one thing I love that is Halloumi Cheese.  I do not eat much dairy at all as it is not for my body, however I will not say know to a little white cheese every so often. Especially when eating out at my favourite places.

I really enjoy Greek food. There are loads of healthy options too!

Last week I went to The Greek and has some delicious food. Dips, pita, grilled prawns and Halloumi Cheese and have been thinking about it ever since so I got creative in the kitchen. Link below if you want to visit for dinner.


Grilled Cheese Salad


1 cucumber, chopped
few spinach leaves
few black olives
tablespoon balsamic vinegar
tablespoon olive oil
sea salt
3 teaspoons oregano
80 grams halloumi cheese, chopped


Lightly fry the halloumi cheese in a non stick pan for a few minutes, till brown.

Toss all ingredients together.


Add some grilled chicken, prawns or tofu to the dish.

Where to buy the cheese?

Many super markets sell a range of cheese. I found some organic cheese at organic shops. The markets also have cheese there. If you can get down to South Road the Lebanese Bakery is amazing too!

My friend and I at Eros on Rundle, another great Greek place to eat.


Kayla Thompson