Everyone is on the "green juice". Over the last few years I have seen an increase in "green juice lovers". It is fantastic to hear even parents are encouraging children to drink green juice. Green juices and smoothies are so popular now that I hardly teach them in my classes.
Green smoothies are "magic drinks.” They contain loads of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and are rich in amino acids. Most people who start to include them daily in their diet find that they have better moods, energy, clarity, health, skin and note other great effects.
I like to add green powders such as spirulina to my green juices and shakes for an extra boost. Spirulina is an amazing super food that makes me feel so energetic. It’s the perfect supplement for anyone who is looking to assist the body to cleanse and detoxify!
PROBLEM:  Since we are all juice addicts and need the green juice every day, what do we do when we are not at home and cannot juice or blend the goodness?
One common question I get asked in classes and workshops is how long can we keep the green juice for and how do we store it.
I always suggest trying to consume the juice or smoothie as soon as it is made. If not possible then I suggest that you store green juices and shakes in stainless steel.
These stainless steel bottles will keep your juice or smoothie really cold with the benefit of avoiding plastic.

Benefits of using Cheeki Stainless Steel
  • Safe, Healthy, BPA-Free: No nasty toxins to leach into your drinking water; pure stainless steel inside with BPA-free lids. Notice how the water tastes fresh and clear. Non-toxic inks are used on artwork exteriors. Cheeki products are manufactured from Premium 18/8 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Environmentally Friendlier: We aim to encourage a huge reduction in the consumption of disposable plastic products.
  • Great Designs: Make your Cheeki bottles a way of life! We are continuously adding to our fabulous range and have new designs on the way for summer.
  • Save money: Just fill your Cheeki bottle and leave it in the fridge overnight, leave the next day to work, school or play with cool fresh water.

For more information on Cheeki Stainless Steel, visit their website at: http://www.cheeki.net.au/

Kind regards,
Kayla Thompson