I am loving my new Kuvings Juicer. As a result I a enjoying amazing green juices most days. Yes I admit it I am a juice addict. I am addicted to green juices and green smoothies as when I introduced them into my lifestyle a few years back I noticed many health benefits.

I believe that these green juices make me feel so great because they assist to alkalize my body and "wake" up my cells. Many people consume to many foods that are highly acidic. Raw food, especially greens are alkalizing foods, promoting "balance" in the body.

You will read many conflicting articles on acid/alkaline balance. I believe that eating more alkaline foods puts your body in a better state and I personally feel better when including more greens into my diet. When my "tests" read alkaline I feel great.
There was a stage I was very stressed and not eating enough greens as a result I was in a "acidic" state and not feeling my best.

Green Juice benefits I have found

Better moods

More energy

Improved Digestion

Better skin

Soft skin

Healthy hormones


Better recovery

Natural Naughties Green Juice

This is a fruit free green juice. I tend to have a lot of fruit free ones to better manage my blood sugar levels and i prefer these "light" juices oppsed to filling ones as I do not drink them in place of meal.

baby spinach

Follow juicer intructions

Here is the link for The Natural Naughties Juicer

Kayla Thompson