Balance your blood sugar levels for health.

There are so many benefits of having stable blood sugar levels. Better moods, more energy, feeling good, weight management, to name a few. It may be possible that the food you are eating or your high stress lifestyle is creating an "out of balance" body.

*You can get them tested by a doctor or naturopath.

I used to monitor and check mine during a stressful period in my life. They were far too high, pretty much putting me into pre-diabetes. So I was told. I also found out that my body was too acidic. Yes, too acidic! Even though I was eating lots of raw food at the time. I learned that food is not everything. It is important, but it isn't always everything when it comes to optimal health

*You can test bodies acidity through a range of tests. A naturopath can do it for you or you can do it at home. There is a lot of "discussion" on how accurate these tests are as results can vary within a few hours. I personally found I feel better when my test put me in a more alkaline state :)
Only when I made more changes in my diet and managed my stress better did I start to feel great again. I began to see physical changes and felt happier too.
I visited about 4 different naturopaths until I found one I was happy with - Maria Harpas, located on the Parade. Maria helped me to "learn'" my body through a range of tests. I also used some amazing natural supplements that helped me with a range of issues, including managing my blood sugar levels.
I also have had a history of PCOS, and I found that diet has been massive in assisting my own personal health. The doctor informed me of results done some time ago. A year or two later I had a scan and everything was okay .. I can not be 100 percent sure if my hormones started to balance due to age or what I was doing. I am 100 percent sure I feel better when eating well and taking care of my self.
It is something I should monitor every year or so, since I have a history with it.

Eating for stable blood sugar levels that worked for me!

*Small meals often throughout the day. I find I have more energy when I eat this way. When I skip meals I tend to feel moody or crave sugar.

*Plenty of water, water is optimal. It keeps you hydrated and energetic.

*Staying hydrated with green smoothies, green smoothies are loaded with nutrients

*Coconut water, natures miracle drink. I use Raw C as it has a low sugar and carb content. Fresh coconuts are great too. Keep in mind they are higher in sugar (natural)

*Quality organic sources of protein, organic meat taste so much better and I feel better eating it. (Yes it does cost a little more)

*Nutrient dense raw foods such as sea weed, leafy greens, super foods and veggies

*Supplements such as magnesium, spirulina, vitamin c and a good probiotic

*Healthy fats, avocado, coconut oil, nuts, seeds..

I find a diet lower in carbohydrates, sugars and even too much fruit works best for me.
Things that worked for me to manage my stress and blood sugar levels!
  • meditation, this was very difficult at first. After a few months a fell in love. I use this as a tool to feel good during busy periods.
  • self-love, with issues of low self esteem in the past, I found that loving myself and others actually assisted with my health.
  • inspiration books, during harder times what better way to feel positive then read books written by positive people. I suggest Louise, Heal your life book. All her books are amazing actually, I have read 3.
  • nature, being out doors is very healing and "grounding". Funny how hugging a tree can make you feel "sane".
  • family and friends, surrounding myself with people who love me any step of my journey
  • more rest days, over working and over training will catch up, listen to your body
  • my spiritual development, always a work in progress and something that fills my heart with joy
  • raw foods, all the raw foods are very healing.

Spirulina and other green super foods assisted me to alkalize my body. I take these daily :) for more details.

Kayla Thompson