Nutrient Dense Food

 Yesterday I met up with a friend, who I met through work, Melissa Parente to chat about Forage.

Melissa is a part of Soul Divas and founder of Soul Enterprizes and inspires so many people through her work. She is so passionate and I am blessed to work with her.

I am always happy to learn more about Natural Whole Foods to suggest to my clients. Natural Naughties Personal Plans include only nutrient dense foods.

Forage is a healthy and balanced breakfast by health and wellness expert Dr Damian Kristof.

Melissa gave me some Forage to sample (lucky), it taste amazing with almond milk and fresh berries. Also very filling!
Each Forage product offers a range of benefits.

Dairy free, no bloat/digestion friendly, gluten free, high in protein, rich in fibre, rich in healthy fats, suitable for low carb eating, to name a few ;)

So many breakfast options on the market are full of artificial ingredients and a lot of un natural sugar.

Amazing forage Bars

Try these amazing bars for on the go snacks!


2 cup forage
2 cup dates
2 tablespoon coconut oil
1/3 cup carob


Process in a high speed food processor, until well combined.

Flatten mix into a lined tin.

Freeze and slice.

For SA stockists checl out our website:

If you are interested in stocking the Forage Cereal range please contact Melissa Parente from Soul Enterprises on 0421 996 983 or email