New Ingredients to Play with <3

Yes I am a foodie. I love cooking food, making food, buying food, reading about food....anything food really.

I have been experimenting  in the kichen with some new products I got online from Flush Fitness. I love that Flush Fitness now distribute some great vegan options. Now I can share the FLUSH love with all my clients. Some of the goodies I love are the greens powder, raw protein powder and raw meal. Big Natural Naughties Tick.

Raw Protein powder

These powders are made from a range of nutrient dense sprouted grains. The grains are sprouted meaning they contain more enzymes and also are easy to digest. The blend in dairy free and vegan. Now in 3 different flavours, plain, vaniella and chocolate. High in protein,low in calories, low in sugar, perfect for those who are active or athletes. The protein also keeps you full for longer so you are less likely to overeat later in the day.

Raw Bars

Make your own raw food bars using all natural Ingredients. These taste AMAZING and are all natural. They taste so good, you can't help but feel naughty.

The Natural Naughties HARD CORE slice

The ingredients are designed to give you loads of energy. So start with a small serving.


4 scoops raw protein (chocolate)
4 teaspoons coconut oil (metabolism boost)
4 teaspoons hemp flour (natural high)
4 teaspoons raw cacao (boost energy)
4 teasppons maca (boost strength)


Blend in a vita mix, pour into a lined tin, freeze then slice


Trial and error, start with less maca until you adjust to the taste. It is very strong. I actually really like the taste...



The Natural Naughties Raw Protein Ball

Quick and easy protein balls, make great snacks or gifts.


1 cup dates
4 scoops raw protein
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/4 cup raw cacao
1/4 cup goji berries
coconut flakes to coat


Blend in a food processor, roll into balls, then toss in coconut flakes


Serve in patty liners for presentation

*If mix it too dry to roll into balls, add more coconut oil If too "wet" more protein.



To Order Raw Protein or find a list of stockist visit,au

More Natural Naughties Raw Food Recipes in the Raw Food Lifestyle book.

Kayla <3

Disclaimer Hemp flour is not legal for consumption in Australia at this stage. You can still buy it from Hemp Food Australia