Float Room, Experience Two

The second time around, I left plenty of time to arrive to my float session ensuring a peaceful commute without the rush- a good way to start relaxing my mind. It had been a busy week of juggling work commitments and making time to be active.  An hour before the experience I already started to disconnect myself unplugging from all technology- that allowed me to refocus my energies on my own thoughts. It also gave me a sense of liberation the feeling of "just being" without all the interruption.

As I entered the tank this time I felt confident and relaxed as I had already gone through the motions- the darkness and small space made me feel secure and cosy. I could feel myself sipping into a deep relaxation much quicker than the first time around.

I got so much more out of my second float. In saying that- it does take mental effort to make the adjustment of unplugging and easing into a state of relaxation. I really feel the float is the perfect antidote for the modern life and I love the added benefits the salty water has to your physical body- helping the muscles to distress and recover.

After a brief moment of feeling a little light headed after the float- the next day I woke with a resurgence of energy and a clear mind.

Will I do it again? Of course!