Float Room

I am so eager to learn about ways to develop spiritually and increase my ability to feel relaxed and calm.

Searching the net for methods and I came across the "Float Room".

"Your senses are released from all distractions, your body is weightless and your mind simply floats away". Sounds mind blowing to me!

It seemed a little different and I was excited to try something new!

I had been seeing lots of articles via social media and the net discussing "Floats" so I was keen to test in first hand.

If you have never heard of a Float and want to learn more I suggest you visit The Float Rooms website.


I am here to share my "Journey".

Session One

This session was a shorter session as my friend had some place to be. I believe that my energy was not as relaxed as it could have been due to knowing I had a "time" limit to follow. I know for next time to allow more time. Despite that, it was still a good experience. As I 'floated' in the tank I could not stop smiling and experienced an intense feeling of "happiness". Perhaps was the high from floating or doing something different that made me feel "free". I was pretty impressed that being in an enclosed "float" did not phase me with  past of claustrophobia. As a child feared enclosed places. One of the reasons for me wanting to float was to overcome any anxieties. I was not in a state to meditate or go completely to another "world" for what ever reason. I made most of the time in the float to simple relax and de-stress. I was really glad I allocated the time and efforts to float as I felt pretty "fresh" and energetic after the float, and days after too. It was also beneficial to soak into some water that contained salt to assist my body to detox and to relax my muscles. I must admit during the float some "personal issues" seemed to rise to the "surface". Although it can be a struggle to work through underlying issues I pick to acknowledge them and work through them to move forward. It helped to have a friend around after the float for support. How "deep" one goes in meditation or relaxation methods will depend on ones intentions. For some people methods are used just to relax and increase energy, that is fine. I believe with every float I will be able to learn more about myself and also develop. Time away is beneficial to reflect to access where you are on your journey and where you want to be. A wonderful thing.

Friendly staff, good energy, great set up and a positive place to visit.

I still have two more sessions booked in as I want to get the best experiences possible.

To book in for a float or learn more visit

The Float Room.