I am obsessed with Yerba Mate. I am drinking it while I write this blog. I love it so much that I contacted the distributor so I could share the "magic" with all my followers....

What is Yerba Mate?

A delicious and nutrient dense green tea from South America. This amazing tea contains less caffeine then coffee, fights fatigue, rich in antioxidant, minerals, reduce appetite and can balance the body.

 How did I find this tea?

I discovered this tea a few years back. A friends mum came back from Lebanon. She lost a lot of weight and claimed the tea helped. I am not here to say it is a "Magic tea in a packet", even tho I kind of may feel that way ;) Any thing to make me look or feel better, I will try :)

*Smart training and exercise are the most effective ways to get results. Teas like Yerba may assist to boost the immune system and speed metabolism up.

How do you drink the tea?

Today you can buy Yerba Mate in tea bags, that makes life easier. I was so "hooked" I would take the traditional straw and loose leaf tea into work. People would question what I was drinking. I always have enjoyed drinking the Yerba Mate the traditional way.Check out the beautiful range of bombilla and straws in the Yerba Mate shop.

How does it make your feel?

I love drinking the tea as it just makes me feel so good. Energetic, focused and happy. The perfect Natural pre work out or "pick me up". Yerba Mate is also suggested as an alternative to coffee in books I adore "How to eat, live and be healthy "Paul Check", Crazy Sext Diet" Kris Carr.

*I am a book "worm"..Addicted to learning anything related to holistic living.

Does it help you lose weight?

It can  assist with weight maintenance as it can suppress appetite. It keeps you full for longer. It is fun to drink, so beats "snacking". The Yerba mate is actually an ingredient present in many fat burners and appetite suppressants.

Benefits of Yerba Mate

*Gives you energy and fight fatigue
*Great source of antioxidants and minerals
*Can assist with focus and concentration
*Can assist to work as a natural "laxative"
*Can suppress appetite
*Makes you feel good :)

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Kayla Thompson