Fit food for fit bodies with Natural Naughties

I am a very active person so I do tend to eat a lot of food. I eat to feel great and fuel my training. I do not do hours of training i do not enjoy as a "punishment" for training. I like to listen to my body rather then "diet" most the time. This allows me to feel happy, free, healthy and less stressed.

The food I eat is all tasty and delicious meaning I never feel restricted or am not tempted to "over eat". Not to say I have never fallen victim!

ANYWAY yes I  finally I have created some creations for people who want to eat for a fit and healthy body!

So many people have demanded recipes that are quick, easy, simple and take no time to prep.

I have shared some recipes that I love as they are healthy, easy and contain a range of nutrients and macro nutrients.

Most the ingredients are easy to find at any store and are affordable too

These recipes will be enjoyed by the entire family.

I am going to share a "sneak peak" recipe from the collection.

Natural Naughties Bean and Tuna Dip

I love this dip because it is easy to make and makes a great "budget" meal as you can buy both the tuna and beans in bulk! The Natural Naughties pesto transforms any boring dish to a tasty one!

200 grams tinned tuna
200 grams beans
1 tablespoon Natural Naughties Pesto (recipe provided with others)
*You can use store bought pesto or use another "dip" such as hommus.

Process together in a high speed blender.

Serves approx. 4.

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Kayla Thompson