I have been really busy with work and training I finally found some time to write my blog on my trip to Sydney for Filex.

It was great to get away for a few days and relax in Sydney, the first two days of the trip I focussed on work as I had the Lululemon event on. Organization was key for a successful event, I pre made all Bliss balls, Dips, Crackers and purchased the fresh goodies in Sydney. I also had all my promo material ready to go to make my time in Sydney Stress free!

The next two days I was in Sydney to relax and enjoy the fitness expo. I love fitness and health so i was very excited. It was great to be arround so many like minded people. I met some great people at the stalls and got to try some great products. Natural Naughties approved. These included acai fruit and nut bars, raw soups, nut milk and some green smoothies. So glad more people in the fitness industry are promoting whole foods like Natural Naughties. At the expo there was also alot of products that were full of artificials and stimulants, I did not try any of those. Natural Naughties have created Natural pre-workouts for training and suggest Natural Raw Protein for training. These are included in Natural Naughties personal Plans.

Almond milk is great for those who are allergic to dairy. It is a great vegan source of calcium. Natural Naughties E-book include some great nut milk recipes.

Acai Berry is loaded with nutrients and taste great in Natural Naughties shakes or Bliss balls.

I really enjoyed the Crossfit and Boxing shows. I love crossfit myself so watching the competitions gave me goose bumps. It was so exciting to watch! I have done a few crossfit personal trainings with Ben from Crossfit, Adelaide. He is a great trainer, in 20 minutes he can "kill" me. Although I do not do Crossfit anymore , I still include most of the functional exercises into my current training routine and love it so much! I wiill never forget the time Ben told me to do 100 wall balls, i thought he was joking, then he told me my rest was 5 burpies..eeeeeek.My favourites I learned from crossfit would be wall ball, box jumps and rows. I alway thought I knew how to use the rower, not until I started Crossfit did I know how to work hard on the piece of equipment, now I know why "crossfitters" call it rowed kill!

Functional training
involves training the body for activities performed in daily life. Often results in less injuries, better balance, strength and cardio fitness.

The boxing demos also inspired me, felt the energy in the ring. Was great to see some girls in the ring too. I enjoy boxing for fitness, fun and cardio. I train at fitness33 and also work as a trainer at fitness33. I have been training at this gym for 3 years now, I also take part in the 6 am bootcamp classes. Steve is a great trainer, its great to have someone so fit to inspire me to train harder.  Discipline and dedication are key for results!

Boxing has taught me to be stronger physically and mentally.

As it was a holiday I  let my hair down abit, had my first few drinks for over a year. Enjoyed food I do not normally eat, including icecream and took some time off training (a day or two haha). I did not feel guilty at all. The weather was perfect and being in the sun sipping on wine by the harbour was Bliss :) Besides wine has antioxidents, right? ;)

Life balance, is key for happiness, anything to obsessive is unhealthy

Plan ahead of time! On the way to Sydney I had an apple in my bag for on the plane, lucky as my only option on the plane was a muffin. On the way back from Sydney to Adelaide I got a salad to take on the plane, so i would have a healthy option. I actually prefer the taste of wholefoods, I never feel like I am giving anything up, I feel better for it also.

Natural Naughtie Healthy Eating Travel Tips <3

  • Carry snacks in your bag such as fruit, dried nuts, raw protein shake or veggie sticks.
  • Invest in some tupperwear to store your snacks in.
  • When eating out choose the healthy options, ask for salad dressings on the side as they are often loaded with nasties.
  • Locate local supermarkets and fruit shops so you know where to stock the healthy options.

Natural Naughties Training on holiday tips

  • If your hotel has a gym, lucky you, make the most of it, I get excited to train in a new environment.
  • Do lots of walking, save money on transport!
  • Find something different to try, maybe the city your in has something different to offer, in Sydney I found out door yoga classes.
  • If its warm and beaches are around swim 
  • Work out in a play ground
  • Bring some basic bands or kettle bells and work out in a park
  • The options are endless, don't be lazy
  • Remember its ok to have some time to relax too!

Natural Naughties Healthy Trail bars (on the go)

These bars are great to have on the go, very nutrient dense too! Perfect for children!


1 cup almonds
1 cup dates
1/2 cup coconut flakes
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup sesame seeds
2 teaspoons spirulina
1 tablespoon carob
1 tablespoon coconut oil


Blend all ingredients in a food processor until well combined. Flatten the batter into a tin lined with baking paper. Freeze then slice.

Wrap each slice individually if taking this away, great for school lunch boxes too.

Kayla Thompson

Natural Naughties Love <3