Fermented foods

It is amazing to hear that more people have sorted out gut health and noticing the wonderful benefits. Better skin, better health, more energy and a flat tummy are few of the many results of a healthy gut.

I was inspired to create this blog after shopping at Wild Thyme last week. I picked up some amazing fermented veggies and wanted to share some benefits with you all.

Fermented foods really are super foods. They are loaded with enzymes and healthy bacteria to assist with general health. Fermented foods are especially important for a healthy gut. Having a healthy gut is key to optimal health. Your gut is not just a food processing tube. Your gut actually houses a large part of your immune system. That is around 85 percent. When your gi tract is working well you may find your less prone to illness and allergies. 

Why eat fermented foods?

Eating fermented foods and drinking fermented beverages is great for your health as it introduces beneficial bacteria into you digestive system. These foods also assist with a balance of bacteria in your digestive system. Many forms of probiotics have actually shown to improve general health as they can assist with different conditions such as digestion issues, IBS or improve bowel health.

Absorb food-
If you have proper healthy bacteria and enough digestive enzymes you will be able to absorb nutrients from food better. If your eating plenty of raw foods and actually able to absorb the nutrients then you will probably find you will not need to consume so many supplements and vitamins. More people are becoming aware of the importance of not only eating nutrient dense foods but actually able to absorb them.

Long life _fermented foods are handy.
I love having a jar or two of fermented foods in the fridge for when I run out of fresh veggies. I know I can whip up a salad in no time! It is fantastic that you can store these foods in the fridge for long periods of time without losing all the nutrients. Most fermented foods will keep for a few weeks in the fridge.

Cost effective- Raw foods and health foods can be affordable if you invest some time and effort into making things at home. You can make your own fermented foods and beverages. some of my friends have been making Kombucha with great results. They have also found it to assist with conditions such as PCOS. I am very keen to experimented soon!

Mood boost-
So many people report an increase in health and well being when consuming more raw foods. That includes more energy and better moods. Feeling happy for no reason is a wonderful side effect of healthy foods ;). It is amazing that the gut can actually influence how we feel. Serotonin is  produced in the gut.

Interesting read http://www.depressionanxietydiet.com/gut-brain-connection-depression-anxiety/

Here is a quick and easy salad I made.

Raw veggies, fermented veggies and a little dressing. Made in no time at all.

Here is some shopping for the week.

Shopping includes fresh salmon ( I do not eat much meat so fish is a great protein source), tofu (wanted to make some vegan dishes for variety, fresh berries (low gi), tinned tuna (easy), raw chocolate (treat ;)), stevia (low gi/low cal), raw veggies (high nutrients), raw cacao and hazelnut butter (to make nutella ;), fermented veggies (gut health), raw nori (snack), raw crackers (healthy snack) freeze dried fruit (long life).

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Kayla Thompson