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Thank you to all my fans for your support! I love that you are all keen to learn more about health and fitness! Great to connect with such great fans! Love to hear your success stories from clean eating and training! Keep the positive emails and feedback coming!


The weekend <3


Yesterday I was at Mass Nutrition open day promoting my business :) Was a great day, lovely to have a bunch of like minded people around me. Boxing demos, power lifting, strength training, other stalls, Lorna Jane clothing and more! I was lucky enough to get my blood taken and am type 0. Type 0 means I respond better on protein and not too grains or dairy. I avoid dairy and grains anyway as through trial and error I found they do not work for me. I suggest you get your blood type tested and see what food you should eat! Some foods listed I should not eat include coconut, cabbage and cinnamon. I am just aiming to apply basic principles and not remove some foods mentioned. I have not read the book eat right for your blood type. One of my fans sens me an email with such positive feedback on the book :) Was lucky to connect to a few people at the open day to educate them on the importance or nutrients in the diet and quality fats! I did get burned, dehydrated and had a headache to be honest! Lesson learned always wear sunscreen and have a big bottle of water on hand as it is easy to get caught up!


In the kitchen<3


I love to be creative with new food and try new products. Over the weekend I purchased some ghee and coconut milk. Ghee has the dairy and lactose removed and is the milk fat. It can be heated without turning into a "bad" fat. I have decided to trial this product as see how I respond to it. I feel fine on it so far and have not broken out. When I eat foods that do not agree I break out! The coconut milk was not fresh, I read the ingredients and only contained coconut and no preservatives so I was happy with that!




*fry eggs and meat with it :)

*use it in curries

*use in cakes in place of butter or oil


Coconut milk


*Use it to sweeten recipes

*add a dash to tea or coffee

*use to make curry

*Add in shakes :)


Both are calorie dense so if weight loss is you goal moderation, still include fat as it can assist in weight loss if eaten in correct portion size, it also keeps you full so you are not tempted to snack on the wrong food!

For a personal plan please email me and i can assist with portion size, timing and foods and supplements i think would assist you in feeling amazing!


Recipe to share!


Raw food seaweed salad

Loaded with color and vitamins! Nuts are soaked to remove enzyme inhibitors (technique taught in class)







1 cup chopped carrot

1 cup baby spinach

1 cup chopped capsicum

1 cup shredded lettuce

1 cup diced cucumber

1 cup yellow capsicum

1 cup diced tomato

1 cup diced green capsicum

(Any other color veggies)

1/2 cup soaked chopped almonds

1/2 cup soaked seaweed spirals


Combine in large bowl and serve with dressing!




4 teaspoon tahini

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/2 cup water

1 glove garlic


Whisk to make dressing!


* Every color veggie has many health benefits!

*sea veggies are loaded with vitamins and great for vegans as they contain iron!




Natural naughties basic book is loaded with recipes to introduce you to a high nutrient dense way of eating! Includes nut milks, smoothies, cakes, salads, dressing, super food, detox, utensil info and more!


Recipe book also designed for those who follow Paleo!


In the New Year I will have book 2 ready! Can't wait to get started!!




Yes I do personal diet plans, competition diets, lifestyle diets, energy rich diets, nutrient dense, raw diets, vegan and more! Diets can be designed to help you reach your goal such as weight loss or muscle building. The amount of food you eat and serving size is very important when goals are weight loss; you need to eat often to speed up the metabolism. If you are not sure your diet at the moment is working, send it to me and I will let you know if I think it could be improved.


Cooking class number 1


This weekend will be my first cooking class! To those attending be ready to learn to make treats that you could serve to guests on Christmas! Dates for January class will be sending in the next few weeks! Don't miss out :)))))


Christmas time!


Many of us are lucky we will spend Christmas at home with family and friends and be spoiled!!! Use the festive season as a time to be grateful for all you have! I am so blessed with great family and friends! I have been blessed with so much! This time of the year is time to help those less fortunate. I donated to world vision to help children by donating gifts to help with health! You too can make a donation even a small one, go onto world vision site and donate takes 5 minutes :)


Thanks for your support <3


Kayla Thompson :))))))