I love this egg plant dish. The eggplant part of the dish is inspired by Italian cuisine and the yogurt dip, Lebanese. :)

My grandmother is from Italy and used to make a delicious battered eggplant dish similar to this one. The dish was known as "melanzane", that is how you say eggplant in Italian.

I find the eggplant to be slightly bitter so found that yogurt complimented the dish nicely. I love Lebanese food so this is inspired. I have done several work shops on Middle Eastern Cooking and been taught by Lebanese friends too.


6 whole eggs
1 whole eggplant
sea salt
olive oil
1 cup yogurt
cumin spice


Crack the eggs open.
Whisk together with some chopped basil and sea salt.
Chop the eggplant into tiny cubes.
Fry in enough olive oil till slightly brown.
Pour over the eggs.
Mix together, slightly with a fork.
Cook until eggs are done.

To make the yogurt simply mix in the cumin spice and garlic and sea salt.

Serves 4

*Serve with a salad, mountain bread and some nice fried Lebanese cheese.

I love to shop at The Lebanese Bakery on South Road and The Afghan Shop on Prospect for quality and traditional Middle Eastern foods.

Kayla Thompson