Clean eating seems to be the new "craze". All the new super foods, diet plans, increase in body building coaches/ health advocate and a range of new magazines and books.

Clean eating does not have to "blow" the budget. As a matter of fact eating clean and nutrient dense foods may save you some time and money. It just requires some thought, time and searching around for good quality products at good prices.

Often clean eating requires one to eat larger amounts of food as many clean foods designed to help one reach ideal body composition are lower in calories then "dirty" foods. For that reasons most plans suggest eating small meals throughout the day. Eating often will ensure one gets enough macros nutrients and micro nutirents. Another benefit being that in many cases smaller meals help to balance blood sugar levels.

Be sensible and eat how nature intended. Eat to satisfy and nourish your own body. Fad diets, egg whites, diet shakes, living off protein powder or starving your self is not going to assist with Optimal Health.

Eating out all the time will in fact blow the budget. I do not eat out often. Most my meals are prepped and packed. There is not way I could afford to eat the way I did if I ate out all the time. Last week I went out with family and friends. I still eat clean when eating out. It is good to enjoy life and eat out, if you like to eat "dirty" foods, enjoy them without feeling guilty. Just ensure moderate amounts are consumed or allocated "treat' days are set.

Eating out Verse "Prepping"

2 eggs and greens = $17.00. I could have made that meal at home for a few minutes. It would have been free range eggs. I would not have cooked my greens in those "bad oils". This meal would not take long to cook, cost a lot to make and is nutrient dense.

Tuna salad = $17.00 I could have made this meal in a few minutes for a few dollars. One salad will not keep me satisfied until dinner time. I pre prep several meals.

Local Organic Store, Tiny Bliss ball = $4.00. I make bliss balls in bulk to save time and money. I ensure I get quality products at quality prices.

Recent "finds"

Cheap Super Foods

Bulk Powders

Tips to eat on a budget

*Make own meals at home
*Invest in good tupperwear and freezer bags to carry meals in
*Source out value for money retail out lets
*Shop at markets to save money
*Host dinner patires at home instead of going put to save money
*Eat a variety of lengumes for a protein source when on a budget
*Some grains help one to stay full for longer, good quality grains inclue brown rice, quonia and buckwheat.
*Avoiding eating out to often
*Do not get "sucked" in to feeling you need every "super food' OR 'weight loss" product on the market. Some products are more beneficial then others. Do your own research, feel free to ask me. I personally feel best when on Spirulina, Maca and raw cacao in small amounts. My blog posts provide honest feedback on sampled products!

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Balanced meal

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Bulk Powder's Oat Hearts

Organic Mesquite Powder Treats

Sample "dieting "meal

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