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Blood Analysis, green juice, water, rest and CAKE <3

A client's blood

Some people complain that I visit the naturopath and claim I think I am "special" just because I always eat clean. No, I do not think it is okay for me to have a burger, chips, lollies or any other 'junk food'. I do not complain or question the food they eat. I eat well, I like good quality food and the fact is, it helps me feel better. I am not here to complain, so yes I can only eat good quality food; my body does not digest dairy, wheat or moist grains well. That is okay with me. So many great foods I can eat. Some of these foods include the recipes from The Natural Naughties Raw Food and Lifestyle Book, order online,

I never claim to be an expert, I am still always learning and trying to find ways to feel and look better inside and out. I make mistakes too; I get stressed sometimes and sometimes I fall off "the wagon". It is ok, we all need a little 'pinch' every now and then. For that reason I attend workshops, listen to coaches talk, even if I feel 'I know everything', because even a little reminder is a great motivation to stay on track. In the last few weeks, I have had doctors, trainers and health coaches direct clients to me. I was not too sure how I felt, a little overwhelmed. However it proves we are all in this 'together". It is great to network and have an open mind. I admire the amount of study and knowledge other health professionals have. I really appreciate those who are able to help clients with allergy testing, blood work and other testing which I can't do; these results are beneficial when writing a personal plan.....

I went to the naturopath to check my blood. I do this every few months. Let me tell you, things change. One visit I may need more of one vitamin, the next another. I am not saying you need to be obsessed and go all the time or 'stress' about your results. It's just good to know what is going on in the body. I find it hard to believe anyone would have 10/10 results with the toxic lifestyles we live. We can simply do the best we can, without being obsessive.

At least 1 litre a day with some super foods, some superfoods not permitted on this detox.

I need to keep my health and fitness in check. I have a history of PCOS and am not naturally thin or lean. This may be due to genetics or from past (antibiotics, immunisation, dental work, non-organic food.....) The list really goes on. I have been a bit bloated lately and also I tend to sometimes get stressed. Yes, me! As a child I was always irritated and moody. I have come a long way. I have felt a little bloated the last few days, so the naturopath suggested a detox. No big deal, very similar to how I eat as I am well aware of my food intolerances. I was also told to 'relax' and do nothing, as I sometimes run on adrenalin. Too much of that is not a good thing. Another reason so many athletes 'crash'.

I needed to be anal; no coffee, no cacao, no green tea, no dried fruit and only certain foods allowed. Lots of green juice, water, rest and meditation. I really do love cacao. So I did experience some headaches, which must have been withdrawals, a few blemishes, which must have been the body detoxing. I did have one green tea during the week, to help with the head pain, then the other days I just drank some more water and it passed.

I decided to take things one step further and get a colon cleanse. This is known to help 'cleanse' the body, give you more energy and help with digestion. I do not really feel I have digestion issues, however the bloat may be a sign. This may be beneficial for people who are constipated also. It was an interesting experience to say the least. All I know is I feel so clean now ;) I love to trial and test new things, to share with you all <3

Chi coconut water, very hydrating during the detox. Acai Berry powder, very nutrient dense.

Being on this detox has really kept me focussed on keeping up my fluids, eating mostly alkaline, still eating protein of good quality but in small portions and not so often. Eating 100 percent organic. I am so surprised I saved so much on food this week. Greens are not expensive and the green juice is keeping me so full, no hunger pains. I did have a bit of stevia as I did feel like something 'sweet'.

I will share the detox cake I made on the detox.

Carrot detox cake

This cake is free from sugar, cacao, friendly on my detox.


4 carrots
134 cup walnuts
1/4 cup coconut oil
teaspoon cinnamon


Blend in food processor. Pour mix into a mould, set in fridge, garnish with cinnamon and a flower

Who should detox?

Those who feel tired
Those with a sluggish metabolism
Those wanting to lose weight and increase energy
Those f
eeling bloated or with digestion issues
Those who
often get headaches, suffer from depression or panic attacks
Those who d
rink too much coffee
Those with liver issues
Those who have taken antibiotics or other medications in the past
Those who eat lots of processed foods

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I feel more relaxed, in touch with my feminine 'energy', relaxed, calm and hydrated. This detox has introduced me to a new way of thinking and inspired me to learn more about human development, behaviour and relaxing/yoga (that one for me can be a struggle)

Kayla Thompson

Natural Naughties Love <3