The Festive Season
Most of us are busy with work functions, christmas parties and eating out more often on holidays.The outings often lead to feeling slugish and tired, even gain a few extra pounds due to the average person eating alot more then normal. Rich food and alcohol can make you feel bloated. Too much alcohol cause strain on the liver as well as leading us to feel dehydrated.The alcohol is also a factor in extra calories on the festive day.

Get moving
Instead of sitting around on the couch, get up and get moving to burn off some of those extra calories.Exercise is not only good to burn off the calories but good for overall health too!  Exercise is good to improve your mood and good for the lungs, heart, muscles and bones.

Kind body!
Avoid processed food, non organic red meat and dairy. Load up on good quality fruit and veggies.

New year
Cut the booze, remove the processed food, drink plenty, fuel on the good food, exercise and get back to your old self, or break new habbits for a new you in the new year!

Benefits of a natural naughties plan
  • improve immune system
  • remove toxins from the body
  • feed the body nutrients
  • improve digestion
  • hydrate the body 
  • energy dense
  • anti stress


The plan
  • free with Natural Naughties plan book
  • simple to follow
  • include meals and snack s
  • includes recipes
  • tips on making raw foods
  • nutrient dense
  • variety
  • will make you feel amazing inside and out
  • includes meal planning for several days
  • includes some tips to fight cellulite
  • anyone can do it!
start your detox today and feel alive!

Natural Naughties <333