Natural Naughties in Thailand

Ashtanga Yoga at Orion Healing Retreat

Yes, it’s true; I went all the way to Thailand for (dare I say it) a colon cleanse! I ventured over to the party island where Full Moon parties are held for the purpose of detoxing. Yes, that is my idea of fun! How boring.. LOL

In all honesty, my decision to head to Thailand was very last minute. Laura, who helped out with a raw food class I ran in Sydney, told me all about her experience and how wonderful she felt after her detox.

Tickets booked, bag packed (with very few clothes) and plane boarded, I headed for Thailand to experience it for myself. I knew that all the luxuries one usually has when on holidays didn’t apply to this particular holiday. I knew I’d be living with the ‘basics’. No indulgence, no nice hotels, no fancy restaurants and certainly no shopping!

Once in Thailand, I stayed in a bungalow that had just a fan and a bathroom. It was VERY BASIC! I had to remind myself that I was there for a ‘colonic irrigation’ after all!

 Why colon cleanse?

It’s simple! To remove waste from the colon; to clean the colon means that nutrients are able to be absorbed better. This helps provide more energy and gives a sense of well-being. Some are of the belief that the body’s supply of serotonin (the chemical produced to help with feeling happy) is synthesized in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, by cleaning the toxins out of your gastrointestinal tract, serotonin may be produced more easily.

How many days I stayed

I ended up extending my detox an extra day because I was blown away with the results of it all. If I did not have work commitments I would have extended my detox another 8 days! I had no cravings at all and didn't really think about food. When I am focussed, I AM focussed.

What I drank

During a detox, drinking lots of water is important. We were permitted to drink the juice from one coconut per day and I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the Thai coconuts. They are fantastic and it’s a bonus that they are so cheap.

Bentonite clay

Was added to the detox drink, every 2 hours...

Helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Great source of  minerals.


The husk helped keep us full during the detox and also cleans the colon.


We also took supplements during the detox

Intestinal cleaner, Probiotics
and Spirulina

Fresh fruit from Thailand

As I’ve already mentioned, we did not eat; we were not hungry. In order to effectively rid the body of toxins and any parasites your body may contain, it is important to eliminate eating while on a detox. Instead of solid foods, we replenished our bodies with veggie broths. I looked forward to each evening, as I knew I would get to devour this divine vegetable broth.

What is the purpose of colon irrigation

When clients found out that I was going to Thailand they were intrigued as to why I would need to undergo a detoxing program given that I eat very well. My response was that although I can control what I put in my mouth, I have no control over the pollution and the toxins that I breathe in, let alone the parasites that can easily spread. If you are interested in finding out more about the spread of these toxins and parasites, I encourage you to do some research on the topics. Some people are ill for years and never find out the true cause of their illness, as many doctors never test for parasites.

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Every morning we went for a walk. Although the walk wasn’t compulsory, Lara and myself wanted to partake in this activity. I was hot most of the days. I must admit, the one particular day that Lara didn’t join me on the walk, I was terrified of the dogs that roam in packs in Thailand. It was difficult not to be petrified, especially when one would see the locals carrying sticks around in order to scare the dogs away. I too decided to hold a stick and although I felt mean scaring off the dogs, it provided me with some comfort. Eeek!!!!

Another activity that I joined in on a daily basis was Ashtanga yoga. The teachers were truly inspirational. This activity really tested my patience. I became better at it each day. I did face a couple of challenges as part of my experience; one was the feeling of nausea at some stages. Most of the time we lay around and relaxed doing nothing but reading and sleeping. My first two days in Thailand consisted mainly of sleep and more sleep. I’m not going to lie; I like to sleep! 


How I felt and side effects

When people think of detoxing, it’s natural to think that they will feel hungry at some stage during the cleanse. However, the detox drink that they provided worked a real treat. The first few days I felt tired and did sleep a fair bit. To be completely honest, I wasn’t as tired or as drained as the others who were participating in the program. I didn’t have mood swings and overall I felt pretty calm. Perhaps my previous detox cleanses helped me. I always ensure that my diet is ‘clean’ all year round. I hadn’t had coffee for over 2 months before commencing the cleanse, therefore I didn’t experience any withdrawals. For those that do drink coffee and perhaps are not so kind to their bodies, the initial days of a detox can be brutal.

For me, the predominant symptom was breaking out a lot and I did feel a little ‘feral' to say the least. But it was all worth it!

Did it work?

Had I gone to Thailand and not had any results, I would definitely have been annoyed. I am in no way claiming to be super clean and to not have any toxins excreting from my body. I do live, after all, in a toxic world and I have eaten ‘junk’ back in the day. I also did indulge in things such as dairy and non-organic meats.

Our colons consist of a grotty lining, therefore a little maintenance is required in order to feel great.

By the third and fourth days, my body had excreted all the toxic stuff. Some people experience this on day 2 or day 8.

People who hold a lot of toxins can lose something like 8 kilos of pure ‘toxins’.

How I felt when I came back

Once I was back in Aussie land, I followed a diet of watermelon, paw paw, garlic, lemons and celery, as these foods are known to kill parasites. I wanted to make sure that if my body did have any of those nasties, it would get rid of them. Parasites despise a clean colon.

I then slowly returned to what I call normal eating

I don’t feel overly NEW and motivated considering I went on a detox, however those who are extremely inspired feel that this detox program is a life-changing event.

Therefore, I’m not going to lie to you! Yes, the experience was great and I’m glad that my body is now cleansed.

* I am not NEW to detox, clean eating so I was able to detox safely. If you are wanting to remove toxins from your eating and feel great.For a not so drastic detox, I suggest The Natural Naughties Detox plan. I have done this many times myself.


Disclaimer- This blog is based on Natural Naughties research. Always seek professional advice in regards to medical or health concerns.