Miracle Super food <3

Coconut oil is used in so many of my recipes. I love the product. I use it as a natural beauty product, skin care and of course I eat it. It is really a MAGIC food. Clients have reported the product helped them cure skin conditions and assist in fat loss too.

It is no surprise to me that this oil is known as the 'healthiest and most versatile oil on earth' Natures richest source of medium chain fatty acids. Coconut Magic coconut oil is metabolized in a way that helps the body nourish, cleanse and heal.The magic oil has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Those properties improve digestion and nutrient absorption. That's not all. The product also strengthens immunity, reverse free radical damage. Try it if you want to enhance overall energy. This product will support health, well being and beauty.

Coconut oil has had a bad rep in the past due to the high fat content. Fat does not = fat. In actual fact coconut oil can assist in fat loss. Coconut oil is known to speed the metabolism, help with thyroid issues and also keeps you full for longer.

*Start with a small serving and see how your body feels, trial and error is key.

I was introduced to coconut oil back in 2006 from my personal trainer and coach. My coach suggested I cook in coconut oil as it is one of the only oils that does not turn rancid when heated. Save the olive oil, flaxseed oil and other oils for salad dressing.

*I avoid canola oil, veg oil, despite the fact those products are marketed as "Family friendly".

My coach suggest I include a tablespoon daily. I personally could not eat it out that jar (unlike nut butter :/). I prefer to combine it with other ingredients. The Natural Naughties Raw Chocolate recipe is my favourite. I love the fact I can eat chocolate and not feel guilty. It's actually good for me.

Cheap and nasty! Often clients ask me what brand of coconut oil to get. Does it smell like coconut or not. Funny enough I remember the first time i made raw chocolate. It did not taste that great. Reason was I used an unscented coconut oil. Another time I cooked my meal in coconut and the scent was too strong. So I prefer to cook with unscented and make raw treats with scented. NEVER buy a coconut oil that is cheap and nasty. I have purchased one (non organic) from an indian grocery shop. The taste was horrid, the smell was bad and the quality was poor, not to mention it was in a bottle. How on earth would I get to the coconut oil.

The brand I like best is COCONUT MAGIC. It smells great, taste great and dare I say after trying this brand I actually could eat it from the jar. Coconut Magic, Visit www.coconutmagic.com for loads of FREE INFO. I would love to try the coconut cleanse this year.

Coconut oil for...

Make up remover
Lotion for the body
Wrinkle cream
Hair treatment
Athletes foot
Prevent stretch marks
Making raw treats
Toxic Free lip gloss


Natural Naughties Coconut Carob

A great treat to enjoy as a snack. Caffeine free too.


1 cup melted coconut oil
1/3 cup carob
1/4 cup agave


Mix and pour into liners or ice cube trays.

*Add goji berries, nuts, seeds or other superfoods.

Set in the fridge and serve


*More coconut recipes in the Natural Naughties E-book

Kayla Thompson