I used to be a total "Magazine Junkie". I would buy nearly every magazine on the market and read them each night. That was my "post gym" relaxation time. It began in my late teens. I would read, read and read some more. Some magazines more informative then others. I must admit I did like the "holly wood gossip" magazines. I also invested a lot of my spare time into reading health magazines and articles.At the time I was not as "alert" as I am today. I did not read into each study and take time to "think". To a degree I did trust all information provided was 'true" and would work for me.

Training with well qualified coaches, participating in raw food classes and work shops made me make changes. Despite ads promoting "products" claiming to be "healthy", I ditched them and focussed on learning my own body. As a result I ended up purchasing less magazines and reading books that had beneficial info in them, suggested by well qualified lifestyle coaches.

Today I do read a lot. I am just "smarter" where I invest my time and money. I like to read magazines and books that provide me with useful tools to benefit myself and my clients.

I feel in love with Clean Eating Magazine when I saw it. I love the approach to eating whole foods. I was really excited to have a Natural Naughties recipes feature.

For details on where to purchase a copy of  Clean Eating in your area visit Clean Eating Face book page

Kayla Thompson