Merry Christmas Fans!


It is a holiday today, I love my passion for health and fitness so I celebrate today with a Newsletter to you all <33






I have been working long hours and felt a little like I was going to burn out if I didn't have some rest; I decided to take two days off training! It was very tough mentally! I knew it was important to take care of my health! Listen to your body and your body will love you! I often hear stories of athletes and other people in the industry who "burn out" resulting in chronic fatigue, cortisol issues and more. Was a smart move today I was beaming with energy and smashed my Christmas run!




Now to enjoy the day with family, laughs and food! Of course some natural naughties treat too! Will be a yummy, yet guilt free Christmas for me! It is only one day of the year it is ok to let your hair down, eat a bit extra or even have a wine! We only live once! Enjoy life!




Presents <3


It is nice to give and receive gifts from loved ones on this special day! Remember the true meaning of Christmas is to be grateful for what we have! Use Christmas as a time to reflect how lucky we are and think of those less fortunate! I donated gifts to world vision this year as I have done the past few years! It feels good to help others, we can all afford to do something, it does not have to be much! My gift was health related as that is my passion! I if you have not yet done anything to help others it does not have to be during the festive season! Ideas to help others are help at a homeless shed, help at the rspca, and donate to saint vinnies, sponsor a child...the list goes on!






We often complain... I don't have this, I don't like that, he has that, I have to do this...the list goes on! Take some time to reflect on what you do have, what you are blessed with! It may be a talent, a feature a friend...




I am thankful for a fantastic family that love and support me, a job I love, my cooking talents, a great level of fitness and health. I choice to be happy I have these things instead of looking at the negatives. I am not perfect and some things in life could be better but me choice to smile. Try finding solutions not problems. Work with what you have!




My gift


My gift to you! 10% off a Natural Naughties plan or 10% off Natural naughties January plan. If you have either of these I will send you a recipe of your pick!




Christmas Dinner


My family will enjoy a dinner tonight to celebrate Christmas. No doubt will we have lots of food. Lucky healthy options will be available! I will load my plate with the good stuff, and maybe enjoy a treat or two. I prefer to eat clean most of the time even on special events as I feel better when I eat well. I have made some Natural Naughties treats to share with family and friends! This is always a good idea. A can be social and enjoy a treat as well as share my passion with others! So happy to receive emails from fans and hear my work clients are also making healthy dishes and treats for Christmas!




After the festive season!


Some of us were possibly more "naughty" then others! Too much alcohol! Too many treats! Not enough sleep! Maybe even too many parties! Clean up your act! Don't feel guilty or stress! Start the New Year with a new healthy positive attitude! Set yourself goals, routines and commit to them! Natural Naughties plan book includes a veggie cleanse! The cleanse goes for several days and is to detox the body using RAW FOODS. The cleanse is not a DIET or something to do LONG TERM, it is a great way to clean and nourish the body! These plans are great to start before starting your healthy eating plan. I do personal eating plans. If you would like more information I can assist. I also work as a trainer at SHAPE UP gym in Adelaide. I am happy to take you through a free visit to the gym. In the New Year I will be teaching boot camps covering stretching, weights, cross fit, balance, indoor and outdoor too! Get in shape, achieve your goals!




Detox Drink


Will give you energy for the day! Detox and nourish the body! Aim to have one every morning!




Lemon Energy








1 teaspoon ginger


1/2 lemon juiced


1 cup baby spinach


1/2 green apple


2 glass water


3 strawberries


Ice cubes






Blend all ingredients in high speed blender and enjoy first thing in the morning!




Other tips to nourish the body and achieve general health




Drink lots of water

Aim to eat more raw fruit and veggies

Include green smoothies in your diet

Get plenty of rest

Be active every day

Do something you enjoy

Have done time

Reduce or remove grains from your diet

Eat only whole foods and avoid processed food

Do not eat artificial sweetener or other products

Set yourself a challenge and work towards it!

Start a new hobbie

Do something nice for another person






To learn more about the Natural Naughties way of life come to an event! I will do the best I can to help you or lead you into the hands of some professionals I trust and support!




Raw basic class 1, 15th January at Bliss


An education and demo based workshop. Will teach you the benefits of whole food, techniques, super foods and organic ingredients. I will demonstrate a smoothie, breakfast, lunch and desserts. You can taste each one and take the recipe home too! Guest speaker will talk about herbs and benefits too!




Raw class 2, 3rd Sunday February at Bliss


Anyone can attend this event; will be a basic class to teach you how to make yummy treats and different techniques used. We will make avocado cake, cream, veggie pasta and more!




*More events to come soon!




Natural naughties love <3333