Coconut Love <3

Very excited, I got my Chi Coconut water to sample. I love to try products so I can suggest great products to my clients and fans that I have personally tried. Chi coconut water is a great company that also work to help support charities. I love to meet so many driven and motivated people to help make the world a better place. <3

I have been a huge coconut fan, since 2006 when introduced to coconut oil by my trainer. I was lucky to have worked with a great CHEK coach and not one who promoted the high protein, low carb, low fat type diet. These are often not going to work for everyone. A low fat diet is going to be an issue too as the body needs the quality fats for many functions. Trial and error is still key with this super food, some people do not respond well to it as they many be allergic to coconut oil. Most people do really well on this super food.

Coconut is a great source of fat to name just one benefit of the super food. I include coconut in my diet through fresh coconut meat, coconut water and coconut oil. Fresh coconut is always going to be the best option, use a fresh coconut for its meat. Yummy! I use this to makie vegan yogurt and other raw creations. Coconut oil is handy for making treats like RAW CHOCOLATE or if you cook your food, cook in it as it does not turn rancid like most other oils. Coconut is very beneficial for a healthy immune system and the metabolism.

*Raw Coconut Chocolate recipe in my Natural Naughties Raw Food and Lifestyle E-book

Chi Coconut Water is loaded with nutrients and a great way to hydrate after a long sleep, before training or on hot days! Coconut water will hydrate you more than water! So great for athletes of yogis. The advantage of Chi Coconut water is it comes in different sizes perfect for on the go. Low in  calories, sugar, fat and carbs means we can enjoy the coconut water and not worry about the waist line. The coconut water craze is huge in hollywood. Stars such as Miranda Keer, Madonna and Supermodel Giesele are often spotted with a coconut drink on hand.If it is good enough for them, then it is good enough for me ;)

If your goals are weight loss then try include coconut oil in your eating plan as it will help keep you full for longer and speed the metabolism. In saying this still enjoy it in moderation as too much coconut oil can actually also put on the kg if you go too hard on it. I suggest to my clients to enjoy it in small amounts or even have a bit of fresh coconut each day. I think coconut oil is a great source of quality healthy fat as people are less likely to over eat it unlike nut butters. It can be hard to stop at just one spoon. For this reason i always suggest my clients have raw soaked almonds. They are better for health too.

Information on soaking nuts and seeds for health reasons are in my e-book or covered in Basic Class One

Coconut water is a great and healthy option as it is very light and low in calories :))) Try this shake....

Coconut water Natural Naughties shake

The protein in this shake is optional, however it will help keep you full for longer.


250 ml Chi coconut water
1/4 cup berries
1 scoop raw protein
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon agave


Blend in high speed blender and enjoy!


Coconut oil is not only great to eat but fantastic for the skin. It is natural and can be used as a skin lotion. Perfect for soft skin and to prevent strecth marks. So if you are body building or pregnant you will benefit from using this on the skin without the nasty toxins. Many products in the bathroom including childrens products contain harmfull ingredients that are linked to a range of problems, including hayfever, cancer and more. What we put onto the skin can enter into our blood stream.

To learn more about the harm of toxins in products today attend my class next month when toxin guru Louise will speak about the harm they cause and ways we can lead a more holistic healthy lifestyle to avoid these health issues.

Kayla Thompson

Natural Naughties