Great food can fit your macros!


I am half Italian so I love italian food. I have been cooking with my nonna my entire life. I am blessed to have learned to cook, clean and speak another language at a very young age. Most my child old memories are at nonnas house either in the garden picking at fruit and veggies or helping nonna cook in the kitchen. Using making sauce an excuse to skip school ;) Learning from such a young age the importance of fresh produce and ingredients. The difference they make to a dish is huge. Some may say I am some what "picky".


to make broths, soups, salad dressings and more from scratch means I would "look down" on any packet soup, dressing or meal. That is just because they do not taste any good! Now I would not touch them due to them being so un healthy. Eat everything in its most natural state.It will taste better too. I was blessed to have a huge veggie garden growing up. The italians in the neighbour hood (Hectorville) would all swap produce. It was fantastic.

This dish is an Italian inspired dish. Nonna would maybe not be as proud as you think. The pasta is NOT made from scratch, however it is brown rice pasta so a good option. Traditional pasta is made from wheat, the quality of wheat flour is not as good as it used to be. Many people have intolorances  to wheat. Lucky today organic shops have lots of options that more people can have. Gluten free pasta. spelt pasta, brown rice pasta. I have even seen some great veggie pastas. If you want a low carb dish you can replace the brown rice pasta in this dish with zucchini strips (the recipe for these are in The Natural Naughties Lifestyle e-book)

*If you have alot of spare time of love cooking you can make pasta from scratch! ;)

Natural Naughties Pasta Dish


A great dish. Play with the macros to fit your eating plan.




3 Roma Tomatoes, medium


1 teaspoon crushed garlic


1/2 cup basil leaves fresh. chopped


pinch sea salt


2 tablespoons olive oil


brown rice pasta, 1 cup cooked


200 grams lean chicken mince




To make the sauce.


Boil hot water and pour over the roma tomatos.


Cover bowl with a chopping board.


Leave for 10 minutes.


Remove skin of tomatos


Lightly fry the garlic in a pan in 1 tbspoon olive oil


Add the tomato and fry for 2minutes.


 "mash" them with a folk to make a sauce.


Add in the chopped basil and cook for a few minutes.


In another pan fry the mince on both sides in one tablespoon olive oil.


*until cooked.


Add the sauce to the mince, mix through and cook for two minues.


Mix the pasta through and serve.


Serves one female or one male


Approx per serve (g)


Carbs 21 male (42)


Calories 350 Male (700)


Protein 29 Male (58)

Fat 16 Male (32)


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