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Feeling happy and healthy.

Body issues are common today. I am not sure if there is an increase in body image issues or if it has been more freely discussed and has just become an issue. I do think people tend to "stress" about more things due to lack of purpose, motivation and appreciation for what ever reason. In Australia that is ;)
People complain and blame the media for body image issues. Selfies, photo shop images, the dress standard, etc. are being discussed. Should we be blaming others for health and happiness? That's not always easy to control, is it? What we can do is learn to accept and love ourselves, and assist others to learn to do the same thing.
Yes, over the years I have seen an increase in selfies, photo shopped images, and bodies that are results of brutal diets and training regimes. I guess it's normal that one compares one's own body to another, usually in the fear that they are not good enough.
In some cultures, people do not show off bodies for various reasons. Would this be the solution? Or would the complaints of women's rights, etc. strike? You're dammed if you do or if you do not. How about we learn to love our body for what it is? Learn to treat it correctly to be the best we can be?
Regarding social media, how about the positives that this has created? Selfie after selfie, some amazing and inspiring people have decided to allow others to know what goes on behind the selfie. Does a beautiful body guarantee a confident soul? You would be surprised how many "beautiful" people lack confidence.
Before selfies there were still issues. I know I had feelings and insecurities of my body, even going through comparing and actually not comparing. At school we learned about the changes in the body and were told to be prepared, not to be afraid of change. Without this preparation, we might feel strange when we notice our body to change and develop.

So now, real women are speaking up so we can see how ideals of "perfection" are not all that.
Tips to love your body:

Treat it correctly, eat real whole food, exercise, sleep, rest. You will be blown away by how good healthy raw foods make you feel about yourself.

Appreciate and respect your body. A "healthy" body is a blessing.

Focus on the "good" things about your body. The things you like as opposed to the things you would rather "change".

Accept where you are now on your journey and know that your have the "power" to make change for positive reasons.

Accept some things for what they are and love your self regardless. For example stretch marks ect can't be changed but are a part of the special person you are.

Pay attention to your body and talk to it. I started to do those through my meditation and was able to improve my health by learning what I needed to do. This method is commonly known as "reiki".

I am blessed to have worked with some amazing woman and coaches who pay attention to positive body image issues.

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I am excited that I will be presenting a work shop with three like minded speakers who promote a healthy body and Mind at Healthia.

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