Wnbf 2010 (2nd place), blood, tears, sacrafice and really hard work, of course I did it with a smile and passion ;)
Wnbf 2011 (non place model), healthy approach to training and diet, alot of crossfit and heavy lifting tho.

I often get asked many questions about Bodybuilding as I have competed before. I am writting this blog because last night at boxing, a member from fitness first said she knew I had competed and asked if it messed with my metabolism, also she told me nearly EVERY single person she knew who had competed had some mental or physical issues post comp. She worked at a gym and would see them a few days later and gain 10 kilos or so in a short space of time. I get asked questions all the time. People often think you can maintain competition results all year around and feel great. I wish this was the case, if you find me someone who can, fantastic. However depends what level they get to on stage. and genetics are another issue. Life balance is important too and feeling happy.

Also I did attend the INBA comps a few weeks ago and never got the chance to talk about it. I love watching the comps, for some reason I find them so relaxing and very inspired by the hard work others put in. I was glad to be in the audience and not on stage. Brings back good memories of my comps and also hard times. Yes I missed being on stage, it is someone elses time to shine, I am happy for them all.

It was a fun night, laughs with friends. I met lots of new people, saw old friends and was a great way to spend my weekend. At least I did not have to worry about that horrid dream tan this time ;)

It was great to see some friends compete and place. Well done to all, stepping on the stage is huge :) Your hard work did pay off :) This goes to show that you really can change the body, these athletes go to extremes, so if you just want to shed a few kilos or shape up abit you really can do that. Some athletes compete year after year. Not sure how they do it. Very big focus. I find those who do well year after year, do have a "good" off season and this includes more food and rest, what the body needs. They have a "good" mindset and are okay with the "off season", gaining a few kilos will make them feel better and lift more.

I competed because I had always wanted too. I always watched the comps and thought "I know I can do that". I am in love with training hard and leading a healthy lifestyle and that would be a great goal. I am single, studying training, this is the perfect time to do it. I am glad I gave it ago or I would be here still wanting to do it today.

I got my diet from a great bodybuilder and over night changed my diet and training from a high raw food diet to a typical high protein body building diet. My training was more isolation based, then usual. Prior to this routine I was belly dancing, boxing, functional training and doing alot of cardio. I was so motivated, never skipped a meal, never missed a cardio or weight session I did not even want a total rest day. My diet was so strict, egg whites, lean protein, only GREEN veg, small small amounts of oats and sweet potato. I would not eat anything off my plan, not even a carrot!
I would do my cardio when I could, I was a full time student with exams, I remember I did cardio at crazy hours or even in the hail if I had too. Meal prep in some cases was done at 4am. Often I had to eat a tin of tuna in water with a cucumber for lunch. Not the best meal, after eating it few times a day!

During my prep I really missed my green fruit smoothies, they always made me feel great. During prep i got sick (a little cold) for the first time in 3 years! My body did not like this My body wanted loads of fresh raw food! I pushed hard though and trained despite feeling a little ill.

To get the results I wanted I knew what I had to do, I was driven to compete and I had only given myself 12 weeks to prep, nothing, noone would get in my way!

I know alot about health and nutrition I did not want to eat like this post comp or train like this. I knew it was unhealthy and results can not be maintained all year around. Not to mention I love my food. I knew fats in this diet were limited, I knew egg whites were not a balanced meal and it did seem alittle over the top. I wanted a social life after too and to enjoy food and life.I was ok with that but wanted to get a top result that could only be achieved with diet, as naturally my body does not want to be that lean.
Bodybuilding is what it is when competing, fighting the body. Often people who finish competition TRY maintain this type of eating and claim it is "clean eating" when really they need more variety, nutrients and calories if they are training alot.I always ask questions and think alot, I asked the trainer and after competition, "What happens". This is always a question that is hard to get an answer too. I saw what happened to many people, I still see it happen to people. It scares me, I still really wanted to compete at this stage in my life, so I would worry about that later. It was what my mind needed.

My family and friends had no idea I was prepping for COMP. I felt it was best to keep it secret My family, trainer and close friends would not support the training and lifestyle I did not want to risk any negative energy! I was going to get up on stage! The other students just thought I really liked tuna in water, every single day! Then body fat started to drop and my face looked leaner, so was harder to hide.

I achieved my goals, my target weight, I had to loose only a few kilos to compete but really changed my body, I was not really light but looked tiny. Dropping weight and training so hard did make me feel tired and I did not feel healthy or energetic. I did not take stimulants but was drinking coffee, another stress factor on the body. I placed 2nd in Wnbf my goal competition.

It felt fantastic to be on stage. I love the stage and walking and posing felt so natural to me, I was confident, not scared walked well and was very proud of all my hard work. This day for me with huge and I will never forget it. This was the new me. I had spend so much time and energy on myself during this prep, something I had not done in the past. The past was behind me and a felt I could tackle anything, overcome many hurdles during my prep journey and they still motivate me to be a stronger person when times are tough.

I never regret competing despite it did lead to a few issues for me post comp, mentally and physically. They were small humps I overcame and now can help others. Also I learned so much about myself and am a stronger person.

So yes as people like to say, it is common to see people gain a crazy amount of weight after a comp in a short period of time, hormones often are out of wack, self esteem issues become a huge concern, yes I have heard many people suffer chronic fatigue. I asked a few girls while prepping while they never made the stage, kidney issues in hospital was one reason. I know this because people tell me, I am honest and am sharing this with you all because so many clients are keen to hear.

I now visit a naturopath to learn more about the body, hormones and my personal balance, I have tried bicom, vega tasting and also get blood work done often, I am always learning. Everything really does happen for a reason.

I am sure some are finding a healthier approach these days. I am not against bodybuilding at all. I really admire the hard work and dedication. Just keeping in mind that getting body fat really low and building alot of muscle can really stress the body out. I competed in 2011 without a competition diet, and with functional training to prove I could maintain some great results and feel good. I did not place and at the end of the day did not feel I deserved too. Being on stage with out the sacrafice from my prior competition did not give me the same satisfaction. Blood, sweat and tears, really hard work does pay off. So the trophy was handed to Grace, that comp and she earned it.

I try promote health and programs people can maintain and I do not feel that most standard diets are right for everyone. You can get great results with eating well and training well and maintain them for life along with a healthy mind and body!

So for anyone looking to compete, do a little research before hand. Some federations might allow a softer, more feminine shape for sports model. You may find a healthier diet that will lift your energy. Speak to a few people post comp, ask them how they feel. I know after I competed I heard more then a few horror stories. You may find someone who has not had any iues post competition, maybe some athletes balance macronutrients, or follow a raw food approach. Then you decide if it is worth it or healthy :)))

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Kayla Thompson

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