-WBFF Bikini Pro, Author of 12 weeks to Rawsome, and featured writer for OM Times Magazine

How long you have been vegan/raw vegan? 3 years

Why did you decide to make the change?
Animal rights and wanting to live of life of compassion. Bonus is my favorite foods have always been fruit and nuts :)
How do you feel eating this way?

Is it hard to build muscle? Not at all. 

What type of training do you do? HIIT, Strength, cross-training, yoga, ballet, hiking and pilates.

What would you eat on an average day?
Meal 1: fruit smoothie with lots of greens.
Meal 2: raw bar
Meal 3: kale, broccoli salad, sweet potato
Meal 4: bean salad
Meal 5Plant based protein shake with banana

Tips for someone wanting to transition to a vegan lifestyle?
Seek out a professional or do research. It's important to make sure you are getting optimal nourishment and not just simply not eating certain foods. 

Tips for woman wanting to tone and shape the body?
Have fun with your routine first and foremost. For best results, a balance of strength and cardiovascular activity is included consistently in your program.