I love drinking tea! I love green tea, herbal tea, black tea even a special tea caller Yerba Mate from Argentina that you drink with a straw!

I enjoy to drink tea with friends, in the bath, while working or in the sunshine!

I love tea for so many reasons! The health benefits! The aromas and flavours, holding the cup on a cold day keeps my hands warm, chatting over tea with friends...

I recently found a new brand of Tea, This tea is called Tielka tea. I love Tielka tea because it is fairtade ( we use and support fairtrade products!, organic,the great looking makes a great gift, loads of flavours! Very good tea! For more info on Tielka tea. www.tielka.com.au.

My students in Basic Raw Class loved the Tielka white tea!

Health Benefits of green tea..
  • High in antioxidants
  • Can assist on weight loss
  • Anti cancer benefits
  • Improve mood
  • Anti age
  • Anti stress
  • Relaxing
  • Less caffeine the coffee
  • Calorie free
  • Good for bones
...Many more benefits <3

Natural Naughties tips
  • Drink tea to keep you full and avoid over eating
  • we often eat as we are bored, make drinking tea a healthy hobbies
  • Appreciate tea with out sugar and milk to avoid extra calories
  • Add in fresh lemon, ginger and garlic to strengthen immune system
  • Try different flavors
  • Best to stick to herbal teas and not too many black teas as they contain more caffeine
  • Encourage others to replace unhealthy drinks with tea, makes a great gift!
  • Buy a tea pot as they make a pretty tea party!

Yerba Mate

A few years back my Lebanese friends introduced me to a tea called Yerba Mate. This tea comes from Argentina and has many health benefits. The tea is very popular in the middle east and argentina. I do get weird looks when i drink it as it is loose leaf and you drink it with a straw!

Health benefits of Yerba Mate
vitamins, minerals
anti cancer
strengthens immune system
research found it contains more antioxidants then green tea
Studies show that some of the mot important antioxidant enzymes in the body are induced by the tea
Fatty Acids, Chlorophyll, Flavonols, Polyphenols, Trace Minerals, Antioxidants, Pantothenic Acid and 15 Amino Acids.
.....many more!!

In Adelaide it was hard to stock this product, in the last year have seen it at more stores and health shops.

*Bliss in Adelaide sell Yerba Mate
*The Lebanese bakery on south road
*Health store in Marden shopping centre
*Afgan shop On prospect road

Order from naturalnaughties@hotmail.com

I am actually sipping on my Yerba Mate now :) Bliss :)

Have a cup <3

Natural Naughties