Just did a quick search on google on the word "Magic" "The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces." Seems like a good definition. My new found "powers" allow me to create happy present moments and a "magic" future.

We live in such an amazing world. We are blessed to be here and have been provided with an amazing land. I admire the tress, the rocks, the grass, the sky, the water and the flowers.Everyday I am reminded by the "universe", that magic does exist. 

Spend some time by a tree. Amazing how the "energy" radiates.

To be "here" and be "present"  is "magic". My daily meditation has only made my love towards the universe greater. Appreciation and gratitude really do change your life. It will change the way you "view" the world.

*Nature can "heal". Many health advocates share stories oh "healing", most mention nature as one of the key "medicines" that contributed.

Gone are the days of feeling too busy and stressed to "make time". I used to make myself so "busy", If an angel appeared I would not have seen  it. I have learned to make "time" to admire the beauty of the world. It is important as it "grounds" me. 

*We will go through "busy"stages, still be present and enjoy the moments.

"Magic is everything. Magic fills me heart and soul.. "Magic moments" are an "achievement" that I feel. It belongs to me. 'Magic" moments are something that live inside my heart and are "special" and unique, not something that is associated with my ego. A higher power that is felt, not something that I can "show off" about. Not seen but felt.

Connecting with people is "Magic".
*You need to experience some things, to have an understanding of the magic. A little like a "smaller" achievement you would not share as it may mean "nothing" to others, but means to world to you. Perhaps fighting an annoying habit or fighting through fear.

The Magic Experiences

The things I "see" are MAGIC. My own meditation has inspired me to "open" my mind. Flowers, nature, positive mind set are all areas I am learning more about. Excited to learn and attend some exciting workshops this year.

Myself and Paulina from Raw Life, Raw foods boost mood and energy and contribute to feeling great to be ready for "magic"

Magic Moments

*Achieving goals
*Better communication and connections
*Finding objects to guide you
*Better use of imagination
*Acheive more
*Better health

I want to explore more, I want to develop. I want to "share" my findings and encourage others to do the same. I just feel good and believe others can too. 

Next work shop will cover some basic "magic". Learn how to kick start your own magic journey. Please contact me for details kayla@naturalnaughties.com

Kayla Thompson