A healthy gut = a healthy body and mind.

Gut health is really important. I believe that one reason Natural Naughties clients report "happiness" and over come feeling "bad" for no reason would have a great deal to do with "healing" of the gut. Raw foods are great for the 'guts' health, unlike many processed foods.

I found this detailed article and found it to be informative and interesting.

Below I have listed a few things to look out for as well as a few suggested ways to improve gut health. I also included a recipe I created today with my healthy gut probiotics ;)
Many people have been complaining about bloating and digestion issues. Both have been an issue for me in the past. To be honest it is something I am constantly working on improving. I have had food issues that did make gut problems worse. I am finding that with a more "balanced" life I am able to eat more with less obvious side effects.

Digestion issues may be caused due to many reasons. I find that stress, an un healthy gut and eating foods not designed for my body trigger problems, Many people have found the same thing and seen improvements when working on these areas.

Signs you may have poor gut health.

Bad memory
b12 deficiency

Just to name a few.

Tips for better digestion suggested by Natural Naughties

Eat for you body type. Trial and error or metabolic type testing is a good start.
Manage your stress. There are many types of stress that may affect the body. Physical, emotional...
Take probiotics and digestive enzymes
Drink plenty of water
Combine foods well together
Spend more time out doors, it does amazing things for you health ;)

There are some tests I have done in the past to "learn" my body

Trial and error eating foods
Stool test- expensive but the best thing i did
Allergy testing
Blood analysis

Seen I noticed a massive difference since using probiotics I have been creating some recipes with them in it.

Healthy Gut Sorbet

2 cups frozen berries
6 packets probiotic powder
3/4 cup coconut water

Blend in a highs speed blender.

Serves 6

*If you like you can freeze left over in ice cube trays. When you want a serve blend the cubes with water/almond milk or coconut water for a berry shake.

*I am using VSL probiotics. They do cost more then some other brands but I found them to assist me the most.

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Kayla Thompson