My class<3

On the weekend I taught Basic Class one to a great bunch of people at Bliss. This was the third time I taught Raw Class One. It is great to see so many people are turning to raw foods and away from processed food loaded with chemicals and artificials! In my classes I ask students to introduce themselves and tell me why they are at my class. That may sound a little like primary school, but it is a great way to create a friendly atmosphere in the room and gives me an understanding of the students and what information they want to walk away with! My clients are always a priority! Some responses were "To provide my children with healthy food options", "I want to learn more about the raw food", "I want to learn to make more raw food recipes". Some students even have some health concerns and are looking for options as sometimes it is hard to find the answer! Raw food and superfoods are medicines and have many health benefits! I love to provide information on some superfoods such as coconut oil known to help with thyroid issues. It feels really great to know others benefit from my advice and tips.

Speaker :)

It was a great treat to have a wonderful guest speaker this class, Michael Johnson, from Ultimate Achiever. Michael spoke for over an hour and is a very passionate about health, fitness, balance and life!. As I am a personal trainer I have attended some of Michaels workshops. I have been inspired by his talks and have heard great things about Michael from others. He is a lifestyle coach and has helped many individuals achieve great results in all areas of life. As i was working behind the scenes i missed his talk! Always a really big day! Michael will provide me with some notes when we catch up and i will email my clients who attended. If you want to learn more then go to Michaels website I really appreciate you time Michael, you have inspired my students and that is a gift to you and my students! I always support others who are doing good in this world! <3

The food <3

In this class I made a many yummy raw food treats. These were a green smoothie, nut milk, raw granola, raw salad, tahini dressing, bliss balls, chocolate and truffles. Lunch was served with home made flax crackers and veggies! Raw flax cracker recipe is in my Natural Naughties e-book. In this class I introduced some products new to some of my students. Raw almond butter, BLACK tahini, wakame, buckwheat, lucuma, mesquite, really raw cashews and agave. The students loved the food! They were so excited that many students purchased ingredients and made some of my recipes that same night! It is so exciting to read emails, hearing what you all make!

If you are interstate and can't attend a class,many of these recipes are included in my e-book.

Class tips

In my classes I always provide health, technique and prep tips! In this class I shared many. I will mention one now. Soaking nuts and seeds for health benefits. Soak almonds in spring water overnight, drain and then use. Left over can be stored in freezer.Use the nuts in fridge within 3 days or dehydrate. Students all got an education handout on soaking nuts.

We used these acitvated almond to make yummy almond milk. We made almond milk in two blenders so my clients could learn the benefits of different utensils. Special thanks to Belinda for bringing in a Lady Mill blender. For more details please contact me.

New class

I aim to improve every class. I really appreciate client feedback as it helps me provide a better service. My class did run a little long this time around, I understand some clients get restless, in future my class will be shorter as i do not have a presenter apart from myself. To book into my next class in April, please book online My website provides all event details and information.

Look forward to see new and familiar faces at my future events!

Raw food is fun and delicious!

Kayla Thompson

Natural Naughties Love <3

*Special thanks to Belinda, Victoria for helping on the day! Shane and Grace for support. Bliss. Michael Johnson for speaking. All my fans who attended and support me!