Basic Class One

Today i had a great day teaching Basic Class One to my students! It was wonderful to meet so many people inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle! The class was located at the beautiful vegan cafe Bliss in the city! I loved sharing my knowledge of the raw food and the input of all my students! It is great to learn from one another!

In todays class the students learned about the benefits of superfoods such as maca, lucuma, mesquite and more! These superfoods were included in my Natural Naughties treats! Everyone agreed that the lucuma and mesquite smelled and tasted devine! My guest speaker Becca Kenedy who studies nutrition even spoke about Tumeric that was used in my raw vegan cheese (a huge hit)

The students learned about the benefits of soaking nuts and seeds. Foods to eat to create an alkaline body and the health benefits!

In todays class i demonstrated how to make a green smoothie, raw granola (included coconut, buckwheat, goji berries, almonds) with superfood loaded nut milk, herb and tumeric raw cheese, a natural naughties nutrient dense rainbow salad, raw chocolate, truffles and superfood balls! It was great to chat to the students over the break and learn more! Lunch was served with some tasty veggie crackers I made that will be covered in a later class!

Each student recieved a Tielka white tea sample! I love this organic fairtrade tea! So many flavours and presentation of Tielka tea is beautiful! ENJOY! This tea is sold at Bliss in Adelaide or contact me to order! I encourage my students to try drink tea in place of coffee as today we spoke about issues with adrenal stress :)))

Many students seem to be keen to learn more about the raw protein powder i had in class today! It is a raw protein that comes from a sprouted grain! If you choose to follow a vegan diet or want a natural protein in your diet this ingredient will feature in my Protein Superfood Class in February! Come along to learn more! We will cover protein shakes, truffles and more!

Ingredients are now easy to get your hands on! For ingredient or utensil information please contact me on and i will do the best to help you all. Many students loved the spiroli i used for the rainbow salad! These gadgets can be tough to get as they are popular but i can assist with orders!

I always love to get feedback from students, good and bad! It feels so great to get so many people with positive feedback after the class! I am so happy that i can share my love of raw food, health, raw prep with all my fans!

Look forward to see some of you in my raw classes in February! We will cover some great treats including superfood shake, raw marinara pasta, avocado cake and more! A guest speaker, CHEK lifestyle coach will talk about the importance of organic food!

Look forward to hear from all my fans soon!

Love Kayla <3