Raw love <3

Today i taught a new class, BASIC CLASS 2 at the beautiful BLISS CAFE run by such great inspired raw people Shane and Grace! Good luck on the raw food journey! Was a suprise to see Grace today with no hair, her new look reminds her that she is now RAW!She looks so beautiful on the outside as she is the inside! Bliss cafe also sell some Natural Naughties treats, the truffles are AMAZING! yummm. Grace loves them!

I was very excited to share my favourite recipes with all my students. In raw class 2 i introduced some new super foods and ingredients. Nopol powder, coconut water, acai berry, coconut palm sugar to name a few! Students were given education handout sheets on some of these ingredients! It is always great to try, smell and see new ingredients! Many of them come from peru and have a story behind them!

At the start of my class i always ask the students to introduce themself and tell me why they are at my class. So glad to hear some great responses,  mothers trying to find better options for the family, trying to lead a healthy life and avoid junk!, wanting new food ideas, already eating raw and feeling great wanting to learn more! So glad i can be a part of your journey and inspire you all!
Today we made cashew cream, raw vegan cream that is perfect in place of dairy creams and yogurt! The main ingredient in this cream is cashews, cashews are loaded with nutrients and contain iron, zinc, magnesium and more, and very healthy! All students were given a handout sheet with the health benefits! We serve the cream with zesty fruit salad, a mixed salad with yummy organic fruits, mint and cinnamon. The mint gave a great twist to the dish, mint is good for digestion, circulation and to relieve cramps. Cinnamon helps blood sugar, helps protect the immune system and great for digestion. The cream and fruit tasted great together! A huge hit today was the Raw Pasta, we used zucchini strips using a special utensil. The pasta was serve wit the marinara sauce and pesto we made in this class. The raw sauce was so nutrient rich and full of flavour, why heat it? The pesto added some crunch to the dish and i also used this pesto as a dip and a condiment for the raw tapas. RAW FOOD IS SO EASY AND FUN!  I loved this dish as it contained my favourite herb basil, basil is good for nausea, cramps, anxiety and sore muscles. Of course we made something sweet, Avocado cacao cake! This was my first ever raw cake i made years ago and still a favourite. I made a fruit and nut base, topped it with the avocado cream and garnished with berry sauce that we also made! Such a nutrient dense treat that even the children will enjoy. Avocados are rich in omega 3 and essential amino acids, contain vitamins and minerals too! The berries in the sauce go well with chocolate. Berries are loaded with antioxidants. In this class i wanted to show how versitle raw food is for this reason i also made some changes to my recipes to create avocado banana cream and a superfood shake using te left over ingredients with some coconut water!

This was an exciting day as Adam Todd, lifestyle coach spoke about the benefits of organic food, benefits of clean water, benefits of salt in the diet, introduced some great books and quoted some interesting facts. I will provide more information on Adams talk in the next few weeks as he will provide a handout! Was great to have a passionate speaker at my event to inspire others!

Some fun this class too! Each student was asked to guess how many almonds were in the bag. No one guessed the amount correct, but one student was close. Well done Nic! Nic won a spirulina and a shaker, she can use this shaker for raw shakes!

Was great to have time to chat to all the students in the break! Everyone got along really well and its always fun to meet new people and share your food experiences, i love bringing people together and smiles! Food often brings people together, best it be healthy food! In this break so many students purchased some superfoods, books, cds and spiroli! I bet lots of people with be making raw pasta this week with the spiroli! yummm! A great way to suprise guests! Bliss sells many great raw food ingredients, you must go in and try some raw options! Yum. The only place i know that sells so mnay raw goodies!

In this class we used some utensils and techniques that were not explained in detail, to learn more basic class one is perfect! In this class we cover all the raw basics, including the most important raw food drink, green smoothie. Book now 18 March Sunday, 10am, Bliss, Book online under the order tab and send details to naturalnaughties@hotmail.com
If you are not in Adelaide The Natural Naughties e-book contains load of information to get started!

Some students were asking questions about raw protein, raw protein class will cover raw protein options, recipes, handouts and education information, class details under the event tab, book now!

I had a great day today, HUGE DAY, was worth it if i can help others live a happy, energetic, healty life! Raw food is my passion and i am blessed to be able to share it all with you!

*If you missed out on this class, it will repeat april, book now!
*Many of my recipes are in my new e-book. The Natural Naughties e-book also includes additonal information such as superfoods, utensils, benefits, detox, beauty tips and more. Order under the order tab.

Let food be medicine!

Kayla Thompson <3